May 20, 2014
Day 1: Departure Day
Women's Basketball: The Italian Blog

I bring you this blog entry as the Hokies make their way across the Atlantic toward Munich for the first leg of the journey. We departed a sunny Blacksburg at 12:30 p.m. on Monday (following a morning team practice) and enjoyed some lunch on the bus as we made our way to the airport in Charlotte to get checked in for our 6:55 flight to Munich. After getting all checked in, the team, coaches, support staff and fans made themselves comfortable around the airport as everyone tried to find outlet space for last minute charging of all their electronic devices.

Finally it was time to board the plane, a Lufthansa flight which is set up with two seats on each side and four seats in the middle. Most of us were in the middle section, making for some cramped leg room, but everyone was excited to be starting the journey. Each seat back featured an individual screen so everyone was able to find a movie, TV show or music station that suited their tastes from a vast array of choices. The folks in my row, Maddison Penn, Porschia Hadley and Samantha Hill, picked Wolf of Wall Street, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and American Hustle.

As our movies were wrapping up, dinner was served with a choice between pasta or a chicken dish, which included a salad, bread and dessert as well as a little snack side of crackers and cheese. Not a bad dinner at all!

All of the passengers are starting to drift off as we near the four-hour point of our flight. We all need to try to get some sleep during the flight since we hit the ground running once we land in Rome!

Be sure to check back with the blog tomorrow when Hannah Young recaps the first full day overseas. Until then…

Arrivederci from the Hokies!

- April

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