May 20, 2014
Day 2: When In Rome
Women's Basketball: The Italian Blog

I think that traveling is one of the most valuable and enriching experiences in our lives, increasing our knowledge, opening our minds, enriching our spirits, extending new moral values; and you can find many destinations in the world that would fulfill your desires.

After a long, overnight journey across the Atlantic and layover this morning in Munich, the group is tired, but laughter and chatter fills the airport. As I rotate my glance and see the expressions on my teammates' faces, I hear sighs of relief as we look around and see banners for the Colosseum and the Vatican. We’re here! In Rome, Italy!

As we make our way to the bus, we’re all very excited for our Rome experience to begin. Once we get in to the city center from the airport, we go on a short bus tour to familiarize ourselves a bit with the city.

It’s a very overwhelming experience for all of us, especially for the ones who have never been out of the country before. Everywhere I look there are phones and cameras out, trying to capture an experience not many people get. Outside the bus windows I see Italian flags flapping in the breeze, people wandering the streets and cars running through red lights. It all seems so surreal.

Rome is the largest city in Italy and, probably, one of the most attractive cities in the world and its history is beyond anything people from the USA are used to seeing and experiencing. Roman history dates back 2000 years; a tour in Rome will leave you tired but very pleased.

Following the tour, we checked in to the hotel and were on our own to explore for the evening.

We have so much ahead of us over the next couple of days and we couldn’t be any more excited for what they have in store for us. The suspense and build up of this trip began way back when the season started, and now that we are finally here our emotions are beginning to run wild.

- Hannah Young, #4

Come back and check out tomorrow’s blog where Kelsey Conyers will share her thoughts following the Hokies’ trip to Vatican City on Wednesday morning.

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