May 27, 2014
Day 9: A visit to Verona and the final destination
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The Hokies said goodbye to Padova this morning and set off on the final leg of the journey, Lake Como, with a stop in Verona along the way.

Verona was the home place of two families by the name of Montague and Capulet, which are the surnames of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare loosely based his famous play on this couple, from feuding families, that resided in Verona. The stop in Verona began with trip to see the balcony, at the Capulet house, on which Juliet stood in the play as Romeo professed his love for her. Today’s blog contributor Tara Nahodil had this to say about the visit to Verona:

“It was really cool. The shops were really nice and I thought it was really cool to see Juliet’s balcony. Romeo and Juliet is a story that we all learn and know about so it was neat to see the balcony in person.”

Following the visit to the balcony, the travel party was left to explore the city on their own, so as some people went shopping, others went to seek out some of the other landmarks in the city including Romeo’s house, the duomo and the Arena di Verona. Tara opted to visit the shops, “I really enjoyed the shopping in Verona. There were a lot of options, and I was able to get a lot of stuff today especially at Zara.”

The Hokies climbed back on the bus to make their way toward the final destination of the trip, Lake Como. The team arrived in the evening just before the sun was about to set over the foothills of the Alps. “Lake Como is beautiful,” said Tara. “It’s just an incredibly beautiful place with the mountains surrounding the lake. It’s very peaceful and quiet here.”

Everyone was on their own for dinner this evening, with some folks exploring around the town while others headed straight toward the water. The town is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to relax.

As the trip is starting to wind down, everyone is looking back on their favorite parts of the journey thus far, “My favorite part has been able to experience a trip like this with not only people who are my teammates, but who are also my friends. However, I am ready to get home and see my family. It has been a while since I’ve seen them so I’m looking forward to going home for a bit this summer.”

Tomorrow will be the Hokies final full day in Italy. It will feature a boat tour around Lake Como as well as a goodbye team dinner.

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