August 7, 2014
    ACC announces Honor Roll for 2013-14 academic year
    Virginia Tech had 232 student-athletes recognized for their work in the classroom

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Atlantic Coast Conference and Commissioner John Swofford announced the league’s Academic Honor Roll for the 2013-14 academic year, and Virginia Tech saw 232 of its student-athletes recognized for their work in the classroom.

    The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade-point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. The conference recognized a record 3,967 student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom during the 2013-14 academic year.

    Tech’s 232 student-athletes recognized ranked sixth among ACC schools, but third among public universities. Duke led all schools with an ACC-record 494 student-athletes recognized, eclipsing its own mark of 474 set last year. Boston College followed with 402 honorees, and Notre Dame saw 397 student-athletes achieve Honor Roll status following its first year of ACC membership.

    North Carolina saw 347 student-athletes recognized, followed by Virginia with 305 and the Hokies.

    The 2013-14 Academic Honor Roll features 30 ACC Players of the Year. Fall sport honorees include Florida State’s Jameis Winston (football), NC State’s Andrew Colley (men’s cross country), Florida State’s Colleen Quigley (women’s cross country), Notre Dame’s Harrison Shipp (men’s soccer offensive), Duke’s Emily Sklar (volleyball) and Duke’s Ally McCurdy (volleyball defensive).

    Winter sports ACC Players of the Year/Honor Roll recipients include Virginia Tech’s Kaylea Arnett, who finished third in the 1-meter diving event at the NCAA Championship. She also earned honorable mention All-America status in two other events.

    Other winter sports ACC Players of the Year recognized included Duke’s Elizabeth Williams (women’s basketball defensive), Duke’s Bottorff (women’s indoor track), Maryland’s Thea LaFond (women’s indoor field), Duke’s Nick McCrory (men’s diving), Notre Dame’s Emma Reaney (women’s swimming) and NC State’s Nick Gwiazdowski (wrestling).

    Spring sports ACC Players of the Year honored included Tech’s Martina Schultze, who finished third in the pole vault event at the NCAA Outdoor Championships and seventh at the NCAA’s indoor meet.

    Other spring sports Players of the Year recognized were Florida State’s DJ Stewart (baseball), Georgia Tech’s Ollie Schniederjans (men’s golf), Duke’s Celine Boutier (women’s golf), Duke’s Jordan Wolf (men’s lacrosse), Syracuse’s Kayla Treanor (women’s lacrosse offensive), Notre Dame’s Megan Douty (women’s lacrosse defensive), Virginia’s Alex Domijan (men’s tennis), Florida State’s Maddie O’Brien (softball), Florida State’s Lacey Waldrop (softball pitcher), Duke’s Bottorff (women’s outdoor track), and six members of the Virginia First Varsity Eight (rowing): Sarah Jordan, Constanze Duell, Chandler Lally, Georgia Ratcliff, Brandy Herald and Elle Murray.

    The league saw nine ACC Freshmen of the Year named to the honor roll: Florida State’s Winston (football), Virginia’s Thomas Madden (men’s cross country), Boston College’s Zeiko Lewis (men’s soccer), Virginia’s Jasmine Burton (volleyball), Maryland’s Connor Cannizzaro (men’s lacrosse), North Carolina’s Sydney Holman (women’s lacrosse), Maryland’s Zoe Stukenberg (women’s lacrosse) North Carolina’s Hayley Carter (women’s tennis) and Virginia’s Ratcliff (rowing).

    Here are the following Virginia Tech student-athletes to make the Honor Roll (note – the number next to the name indicates how many times that athlete has made the Honor Roll in his/her career):

    Leigh Allin 4 Track/Field Daniel Amar 1 Soccer
    Dani Anderson 4 Softball Kimberley Anderson 3 Soccer
    Taylor Antolino 4 Soccer Matt Arkema 1 Football
    Kaylea Arnett 1 Swimming/Diving Kat Banks 2 Softball
    Alex Barnes 1 Softball Meg Bartley 1 Lacrosse
    Katherine Bean 1 Swimming/Diving Megan Beckwith 1 Volleyball
    Jared Berman 4 Cross Country Christian Beyer 1 Basketball
    Andreas Bjerrehus 2 Tennis Alyssa Bodin 1 Swimming/Diving
    Jack Boissonneault 1 Lacrosse Brittany Boone 2 Swimming/Diving
    Ben Borgert 1 Swimming/Diving Cameron Bowen 1 Wrestling
    Michael Brainard 1 Football Cawley Bromley 2 Lacrosse
    Kennedy Bryan 1 Volleyball Ashley Buchter 1 Swimming/Diving
    Lauren Buckworth 1 Swimming/Diving Ryan Burns 1 Baseball
    Caroline Buscaglia 1 Swimming/Diving Nick Bush 3 Football
    Kyle Butts 3 Swimming/Diving Kathryn Caine 2 Volleyball
    Scott Campbell 3 Track/Field Juan Campos 2 Cross Country
    Tim Caples 1 Baseball Devin Carter 4 Wrestling
    George Carter 1 Cross Country Chris Caver 2 Football
    Harrison Cefalo 3 Swimming/Diving Candace Cephers 1 Soccer
    Bryce Chalkley 4 Golf Stacey Christy 1 Volleyball
    Vincent Ciattei 1 Cross Country Laney Clarke 2 Lacrosse
    Jordan Coburn 2 Soccer J.C. Coleman 1 Football
    Katherine Colevas 1 Soccer Dayle Colpitts 4 Soccer
    James Compton 1 Soccer Trevor Cone 2 Golf
    Morgan Conklin 1 Soccer Augie Conte 2 Football
    Amerigo Contini 2 Tennis Kelsey Conyers 2 Basketball
    Jai Corbett 1 Tennis Sydney Curtis 1 Soccer
    Martin Dally 1 Cross Country Auriane de Premilhat 1 Swimming/Diving
    Tihut Degfae 1 Cross Country Katie DeTuro 2 Soccer
    Kevin DeWillie 3 Cross Country Emmett Dignan 1 Swimming/Diving
    Courtney Dobbs 4 Cross Country Johnna Dominick 1 Track/Field
    Seth Dooley 1 Football Frances Dowd 4 Cross Country
    Jarrell Eddie 1 Basketball Trey Edmunds 2 Football
    Zach Epperly 1 Wrestling Toni Erwin 1 Softball
    Brandon Facyson 1 Football Tara Feehan 1 Lacrosse
    Brandon Fiala 1 Swimming/Diving Katarina Filova 1 Swimming/Diving
    Blayne Fink 1 Soccer Jordan Fish 1 Volleyball
    Sam Fragale 1 Baseball Francesca Fusinato 1 Tennis
    Austin Gabel 2 Wrestling Greg Gadell 1 Football
    Andrew Gaiser 1 Cross Country Grace Giampietro 2 Track/Field
    Katie Gillespie 2 Swimming/Diving Vanessa Gonzalez 1 Softball
    Neil Gourley 1 Cross Country Hannah Gray 1 Cross Country
    Hanna Green 1 Cross Country Trey Gresh 4 Football
    Maggie Gruber 1 Swimming/Diving Porschia Hadley 1 Basketball
    Victoria Hamsher 1 Volleyball Holly Harper 2 Swimming/Diving
    Rebecca Harris 1 Tennis Jared Haught 1 Wrestling
    Ryan Hawkins 4 Swimming/Diving Julia Heaps 1 Lacrosse
    Kelly Heinz 2 Softball Gracee Hendrix 1 Lacrosse
    Jessica Hespeler 1 Swimming/Diving Caroline Higgins 4 Swimming/Diving
    Samantha Hill 1 Basketball Remington Hinshaw 1 Football
    Griffin Hite 2 Football Fuller Hoepner 4 Football
    Nathan Hoisington 1 Swimming/Diving Matt Hoogland 3 Track/Field
    Garrett Hudson 1 Baseball Maclain Huge 2 Golf
    Cailey Isaacs 1 Softball Tea Ivanovic 4 Tennis
    Lauren Jaeger 2 Cross Country Daniel Jaskowak 1 Cross Country
    Drew Johnson 1 Golf Will Johnston 2 Basketball
    Sarah Kadelka 1 Track/Field Carol Kahoun 3 Tennis
    Jayme Katis 3 Swimming/Diving Caroline Kelly 2 Soccer
    Danielle King 2 Soccer Emma King 1 Track/Field
    Maurice Kirby 1 Basketball Hunter Koontz 3 Tennis
    Sabine Kopplin 2 Track/Field Katie Krueger 1 Volleyball
    Joey Lane 1 Golf Morgan Latimer 2 Swimming/Diving
    Daniel Lauretano 1 Soccer Kristen Lee 1 Track/Field
    Kelsey Loupee 3 Soccer Mattheos Lozier 1 Wrestling
    Claiborne Lucas 1 Lacrosse Paige Macauley 1 Cross Country
    Meghan Macera 2 Lacrosse Ashley Manning 3 Soccer
    Delia Maresco 1 Soccer Brad Markey 2 Baseball
    Isel Martinez-Marcos 1 Tennis Deven Mason 2 Soccer
    Serafina Maulupe 1 Basketball Shannon Mayrose 4 Soccer
    Andrew McDonald 1 Baseball Aaron McGarity 1 Baseball
    Kylie McGoldrick 3 Softball Amanda McKinzie 1 Volleyball
    Ashley Meier 2 Soccer Kelsey Mericka 2 Softball
    Andrew Mogg 1 Baseball Ashkan Mohammadi 1 Cross Country
    Joao Monteiro 1 Tennis Chris Moon 3 Wrestling
    Abigail Motley 1 Cross Country Jaka Muhar 1 Track/Field
    Allison Munter 2 Volleyball Stephan Munz 2 Track/Field
    Tara Nahodil 1 Basketball Sansitha Nandakumar 1 Tennis
    Kelly Naslonski 2 Lacrosse Florian Nicoud 1 Tennis
    Becca Niles 2 Lacrosse Kevin Norstrem 1 Wrestling
    Jake Ores 3 Swimming/Diving Kiara Ota 1 Softball
    Robert Owen 1 Swimming/Diving Lindsey Owens 1 Volleyball
    Weronika Paluszek 1 Swimming/Diving Vanessa Panousis 1 Basketball
    Margaret Parcell 1 Swimming/Diving Kallie Peurifoy 1 Soccer
    Sarah Phillips 1 Soccer Leah Piemonte 1 Swimming/Diving
    Connor Pompilio 2 Soccer Olivia Privitera 1 Track/Field
    Taylor Purdue 1 Track/Field Laura Ramthun 1 Tennis
    Sarah Rapp 2 Cross Country Jazmine Reeves 4 Soccer
    Alexa Rennie 4 Women'sTennis Rafael Ribas 1 Tennis
    Stuart Robertson 1 Cross Country Lindsay Roche 3 Lacrosse
    Brian Rody 3 Football Sam Rogers 1 Football
    Katie Rogers 3 Swimming/Diving Jerry Ronnau 1 Wrestling
    Emily Ryczek 1 Swimming/Diving Lyndsey Saunders 4 Track/Field
    Erinn Schaal 2 Track/Field Martina Schultze 2 Track/Field
    Laura Schwartz 1 Swimming/Diving Phil Sciretta 1 Baseball
    Rachel Sepanski 4 Swimming/Diving Katherine Sheridan 2 Cross Country
    T.J. Shinholser 1 Swimming/Diving Emily Siegel 4 Soccer
    Hannah Sieger 2 Lacrosse Rachel Skay 3 Lacrosse
    Katarina Smiljanec 2 Cross Country Nick Smirniotopoulos 4 Soccer
    Katey Smith 3 Softball Logan Spaw 1 Softball
    James Steck 1 Track/Field Logan Stevens 1 Swimming/Diving
    Kelli Stockton 2 Swimming/Diving Tom Stoffel 1 Baseball
    Courtney Stutts 3 Soccer Connor Swartz 2 Soccer
    Michael Szuba 1 Swimming/Diving Quinton Taylor 2 Football
    Jessi Thon 1 Lacrosse Murielle Tiernan 1 Soccer
    Nick Tremols 4 Swimming/Diving Josh Trimble 2 Football
    John Trope 4 Swimming/Diving Matt Tulley 1 Baseball
    Maggie Tyler 1 Softball Uju Ugoka 1 Basketball
    Chris Uhle 2 Track/Field Joey van Zegeren 1 Basketball
    Annjulie Vester 2 Track/Field David Wang 1 Football
    Ross Ward 3 Football Alex Watt 4 Cross Country
    Megan Will 3 Lacrosse Nigel Williams 1 Football
    Samantha Wilson 1 Lacrosse Nicholas Wilson 1 Tennis
    Erich Windmuller 2 Football Will Witherspoon 3 Soccer
    Laura Wolff 2 Softball Jon Woodcock 1 Baseball
    Katie Yensen 3 Soccer Mark Zagunis 3 Baseball
    Jordan Zelenky 3 Soccer Ellie Zoepfl 3 Soccer

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