Catching up with Michelle Berry

Editor’s note: with 20 days until the start of the season, we caught up with No. 20 Michelle Berry

Q: What advice would you give to a young fan who wants to play collegiate basketball?

BERRY: “To never give up and keep on pushing, always stay motivated. It’s going to get tough so you have to stay strong.”

Q: What part of your game is the most dynamic and makes you a threat?

BERRY: “I would say my speed and athleticism, being athletic enough to get rebounds against the majority of the people I play and just running the floor knowing I can get down the court faster than almost everyone.”

Q: What is your favorite sports memory?

BERRY: "Winning a Dick’s National Championship in New York senior year of high school. It was my senior year, we were in New York and it was at Madison Square Garden, that’s why it is such a big memory. Playing on that floor was a nice experience and winning it made it even better.”

Q: When you go home, what is the one thing that you have to eat?

BERRY: “This restaurant called Finga Licking, it’s only in Miami. They’ve got soul food.”

Q: What team(s) are you most looking forward to facing this season?

BERRY: “I’d say the University of Miami, just because I am from that area.”


Q: If you didn’t play basketball what Virginia Tech team would you try out for?

BERRY: “Soccer, I played it for nine years. I played forward and right midfield.”

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

BERRY: “Listen to music and dance. I like hip-hop and R&B.”

Q: Describe Kenny Brooks in a sentence

BERRY: “He is very interesting.”

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