Today's Live Events

    GT Virginia Tech 47, GT Georgia Tech 61

    Virginia Tech (12-9, 2-5 ACC)242347
    Georgia Tech (18-5, 4-3 ACC)313061


    January 31, 2010 - 2:00 PM
    Alexander Memorial Coliseum, Atlanta, GA
    Officials: Wesley Dean, Angelica Suffren, Diana DePaul
    Attendance: 2,793
    PDF Box Score
    Virginia Tech 47
    Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
    20Lindsay Biggsg0-70-50-001110440132
    23Brittany Gordonc1-70-00-024622010022
    15Utahya Dryef6-130-03-32911215410138
    13Alyssa Fenyng2-130-22-231416130125
    33Shanel Harrisong1-40-00-016732320019
    02Abby Redick0-20-10-004410010012
    03Aerial Wilson3-51-21-200008010012
    22Porschia Hadley1-20-01-101113112010
    30Shani Grey2-40-02-240416230322
    32Taylor Ayers2-20-01-20112511008
    TEAM 246

    Points Off TOs: 11
    2nd Chance Points: 11
    Points in the Paint:
    Fast Break Points:
    Points off the Bench: 22
    Largest Lead: 2 - 1st-19:39
    Ties: 1
    Leads: 0
    1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals9-31 (29.0%)9-28 (32.1%)18-59 (30.5%)
    3-Point Field Goals0-3 (0.0%)1-7 (14.3%)1-10 (10.0%)
    Free Throws6-6 (100.0%)4-6 (66.7%)10-12 (83.3%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 2,0

    Georgia Tech 61
    Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
    35Brigitte Ardossif5-120-05-5167215220136
    45Sasha Goodlettc5-120-01-3358011211131
    22Alex Montgomeryf4-93-50-0112111100210
    23Deja Fosterg5-90-01-3426111440336
    03Sharena Taylorg1-40-00-020212010016
    02Mo Bennett2-110-41-236935221226
    05Metra Walthour1-30-10-002222710028
    14LaQuananisha Adams0-10-00-00000001003
    32Chelsea Regins2-40-00-100014000111
    44Jasmine Blain0-10-10-00000000103
    TEAM 156

    Points Off TOs: 22
    2nd Chance Points: 16
    Points in the Paint:
    Fast Break Points:
    Points off the Bench: 11
    Largest Lead: 20 - 2nd-06:46
    Ties: 0
    Leads: 1
    1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals12-36 (33.3%)13-30 (43.3%)25-66 (37.9%)
    3-Point Field Goals3-9 (33.3%)0-2 (0.0%)3-11 (27.3%)
    Free Throws4-7 (57.1%)4-7 (57.1%)8-14 (57.1%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 1,0

    1st Half
    TimeVirginia TechScoreMarginLead SafeGeorgia Tech
    19:55Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn   
    19:55Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn   
    19:39Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (2)2-0VT +2 
    19:39Assisted by Shanel Harrison   
    19:18    Missed Layup by Sasha Goodlett
    19:18Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison   
    18:57Turnover by Shanel Harrison   
    18:54    Steal by Alex Montgomery
    18:52    Missed Jumper by Sharena Taylor
    18:52    Offensive Rebound by Alex Montgomery
    18:48    Missed Layup by Deja Foster
    18:48    Offensive Rebound by Sharena Taylor
    18:29 2-3GT +1 Good 3-Pointer by Alex Montgomery (3)
    18:29    Assisted by Deja Foster
    18:13Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye   
    18:13    Defensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    17:58    Turnover by Deja Foster
    17:53Turnover by Lindsay Biggs   
    17:50    Steal by Deja Foster
    17:48 2-6GT +40.0%Good 3-Pointer by Alex Montgomery (6)
    17:48   0.0%Assisted by Deja Foster
    17:28Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs  0.0%
    17:28   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    17:19   0.0%Missed Jumper by Alex Montgomery
    17:19Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  0.0%
    17:10   0.0%Foul by Alex Montgomery (P1/T1)
    17:10Good Free Throw by Alyssa Fenyn (1)3-6GT +3 
    17:10Good Free Throw by Alyssa Fenyn (2)4-6GT +2 
    17:05    Missed Jumper by Deja Foster
    17:05    Offensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    16:52    Missed Jumper by Alex Montgomery
    16:52Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye   
    16:36Good Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn (4)6-6T 1 
    16:36Assisted by Shanel Harrison   
    16:10    Missed Jumper by Sasha Goodlett
    16:10Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison   
    16:02Turnover by Lindsay Biggs   
    16:02Sub In Shani Grey   
    16:02Sub Out Shanel Harrison   
    15:52    Missed Jumper by Alex Montgomery
    15:52Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye   
    15:26Missed Jumper by Brittany Gordon   
    15:26Offensive Rebound by Shani Grey   
    15:20Missed Jumper by Brittany Gordon   
    15:20    Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    15:00    Missed Layup by Sasha Goodlett
    15:00Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon   
    14:45Turnover by Shani Grey   
    14:45Media Timeout
    14:45Sub In Porschia Hadley   
    14:45Sub In Shanel Harrison   
    14:45Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn   
    14:45Sub Out Lindsay Biggs   
    14:45Sub Out Brittany Gordon   
    14:45    Sub In Chelsea Regins
    14:45    Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    14:31 6-8GT +2 Good Layup by Brigitte Ardossi (2) [Paint]
    14:31    Assisted by Alex Montgomery
    14:20Missed Layup by Porschia Hadley   
    14:20    Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    14:00    Missed Jumper by Sharena Taylor
    14:00Shot Blocked by Porschia Hadley   
    14:00    Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    14:00Sub In Abby Redick   
    14:00Sub Out Utahya Drye   
    13:55Foul by Shani Grey (P1/T1)   
    13:52    Missed 3-Pointer by Alex Montgomery
    13:52Defensive Rebound by Abby Redick   
    13:32Missed Jumper by Shanel Harrison   
    13:32    Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    13:29Sub In Alyssa Fenyn   
    13:29Sub In Utahya Drye   
    13:29Sub In Brittany Gordon   
    13:29Sub Out Porschia Hadley   
    13:29Sub Out Shani Grey   
    13:29    Sub In Metra Walthour
    13:29    Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    13:29    Sub Out Sharena Taylor
    13:29    Sub Out Chelsea Regins
    13:17    Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    13:17    Offensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    13:13 6-10GT +40.0%Good Layup by Deja Foster (2) [Paint]
    13:01Missed Layup by Shanel Harrison  0.0%
    13:01   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Alex Montgomery
    12:50   0.0%Turnover by Sasha Goodlett
    12:50   0.0%Sub In Chelsea Regins
    12:50   0.0%Sub In Mo Bennett
    12:50   0.0%Sub Out Alex Montgomery
    12:50   0.0%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    12:24Missed 3-Pointer by Alyssa Fenyn  0.0%
    12:24Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon  0.1%
    12:11Missed Layup by Abby Redick  0.1%
    12:11   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    12:01 6-12GT +60.3%Good Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi (4)
    12:01   0.3%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    11:43Media Timeout
    11:43Sub In Shani Grey  0.3%
    11:43Sub In Porschia Hadley  0.3%
    11:43Sub Out Shanel Harrison  0.3%
    11:43Sub Out Abby Redick  0.3%
    11:43   0.3%Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    11:43   0.3%Sub Out Brigitte Ardossi
    11:31Missed Layup by Alyssa Fenyn  0.3%
    11:31Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  0.6%
    11:30Missed Layup by Alyssa Fenyn  0.6%
    11:29   0.6%Defensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    11:20   0.7%Missed Layup by Deja Foster
    11:20Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon  0.7%
    11:06Sub In Lindsay Biggs  0.7%
    11:06Sub Out Porschia Hadley  0.7%
    11:03Turnover by Shani Grey  0.7%
    11:01   0.7%Steal by Chelsea Regins
    10:52Foul by Brittany Gordon (P1/T2)  0.7%
    10:52 6-13GT +71.1%Good Free Throw by Sasha Goodlett (1)
    10:52   1.1%Missed Free Throw by Sasha Goodlett
    10:52Defensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  1.1%
    10:47   1.1%Foul by Chelsea Regins (P1/T2)
    10:33Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn  1.1%
    10:33Sub In Shanel Harrison  1.1%
    10:33Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  1.1%
    10:09   1.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Mo Bennett
    10:09   0.7%Offensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    10:05 6-15GT +91.7%Good Layup by Deja Foster (4) [Paint]
    09:55Good Jumper by Shani Grey (2)8-15GT +71.1%
    09:55Assisted by Porschia Hadley  1.1%
    09:35 8-17GT +91.7%Good Layup by Chelsea Regins (2) [Paint]
    09:35   1.7%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    09:23Missed Jumper by Shani Grey  1.7%
    09:23Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  2.4%
    09:20   2.4%Foul by Mo Bennett (P1/T3)
    09:20Good Free Throw by Utahya Drye (3)9-17GT +81.7%
    09:20Good Free Throw by Utahya Drye (4)10-17GT +71.2%
    09:20Sub In Porschia Hadley  1.2%
    09:20Sub Out Brittany Gordon  1.2%
    09:20   1.2%Sub In Brigitte Ardossi
    09:20   1.2%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    08:58   1.2%Missed Jumper by Chelsea Regins
    08:58Defensive Rebound by Porschia Hadley  1.2%
    08:50   1.2%Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    08:50   1.2%Sub Out Chelsea Regins
    08:39Missed Jumper by Shanel Harrison  1.2%
    08:39   1.2%Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    08:23   0.7%Turnover by Deja Foster
    08:23Sub In Abby Redick  0.7%
    08:23Sub Out Shani Grey  0.7%
    08:17Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs  0.7%
    08:17   0.7%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    08:14Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  0.7%
    08:14Sub Out Shanel Harrison  0.7%
    07:58   0.7%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    07:58   0.7%Offensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    07:53 10-19GT +91.8%Good Layup by Sasha Goodlett (3) [Paint]
    07:37Good Layup by Porschia Hadley (2) [Paint]12-19GT +71.2%
    07:37Assisted by Utahya Drye  1.2%
    07:37   1.2%Foul by Mo Bennett (P2/T4)
    07:37Media Timeout
    07:37Good Free Throw by Porschia Hadley (3)13-19GT +60.7%
    07:37Sub In Brittany Gordon  0.7%
    07:37Sub Out Porschia Hadley  0.7%
    07:37   0.7%Sub In Alex Montgomery
    07:37   0.7%Sub In Sharena Taylor
    07:37   0.7%Sub Out Mo Bennett
    07:37   0.7%Sub Out Metra Walthour
    07:19   0.7%Missed Jumper by Sasha Goodlett
    07:19Defensive Rebound by Team  0.7%
    07:05Good Layup by Utahya Drye (6) [Paint]15-19GT +40.1%
    06:57 15-21GT +60.4%Good Layup by Alex Montgomery (8) [Paint/Fast Break]
    06:42Missed Layup by Alyssa Fenyn  0.4%
    06:42   0.4%Defensive Rebound by Metra Walthour
    06:34Foul by Abby Redick (P1/T3)  0.4%
    06:28   0.4%Turnover by Brigitte Ardossi
    06:17Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    06:01Good Layup by Brittany Gordon (2) [Paint]17-21GT +40.1%
    06:01Assisted by Lindsay Biggs  0.1%
    05:44   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Alex Montgomery
    05:44Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon  0.1%
    05:24Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn  0.1%
    05:22   0.1%Steal by Deja Foster
    05:18 17-24GT +70.8%Good 3-Pointer by Alex Montgomery (11) [Fast Break]
    05:18   0.8%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    05:00Turnover by Alyssa Fenyn  1.4%
    05:00   1.4%Steal by Brigitte Ardossi
    05:00Sub In Porschia Hadley  1.4%
    05:00Sub In Shanel Harrison  1.4%
    05:00Sub Out Brittany Gordon  1.4%
    05:00Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  1.4%
    05:00   1.4%Sub In Mo Bennett
    05:00   1.4%Sub Out Alex Montgomery
    05:00   1.4%Sub Out Deja Foster
    04:59   0.8%Turnover by Brigitte Ardossi
    04:52Turnover by Shanel Harrison  1.4%
    04:32   1.4%Missed 3-Pointer by Metra Walthour
    04:32   0.8%Offensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    04:24   0.8%Missed Layup by Sharena Taylor
    04:24Shot Blocked by Porschia Hadley  0.8%
    04:24Defensive Rebound by Team  0.8%
    04:24   0.8%Sub In Deja Foster
    04:24   0.8%Sub Out Sharena Taylor
    04:16Turnover by Porschia Hadley  1.4%
    04:14   1.4%Steal by Sasha Goodlett
    04:11   1.4%Missed Layup by Mo Bennett
    04:11Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison  1.4%
    04:04Missed Layup by Utahya Drye  1.4%
    04:04   1.4%Defensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    03:43 17-26GT +92.1%Good Layup by Brigitte Ardossi (6) [Paint]
    03:43   2.1%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    03:43Foul by Porschia Hadley (P1/T4)  2.1%
    03:43Media Timeout
    03:43 17-27GT +103.0%Good Free Throw by Brigitte Ardossi (7)
    03:43Sub In Shani Grey  3.0%
    03:43Sub Out Porschia Hadley  3.0%
    03:24Missed Jumper by Shani Grey  3.0%
    03:24   3.0%Defensive Rebound by Metra Walthour
    03:13Foul by Lindsay Biggs (P1/T5)  3.0%
    03:13 17-28GT +114.0%Good Free Throw by Deja Foster (5)
    03:13   4.0%Missed Free Throw by Deja Foster
    03:13Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison  4.0%
    03:13Sub In Brittany Gordon  4.0%
    03:13Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  4.0%
    03:13Sub Out Lindsay Biggs  4.0%
    03:13Sub Out Abby Redick  4.0%
    02:47Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye  4.1%
    02:47Offensive Rebound by Shani Grey  5.3%
    02:42Missed Layup by Brittany Gordon  5.3%
    02:42Offensive Rebound by Team  5.3%
    02:35Turnover by Brittany Gordon  5.3%
    02:11 17-30GT +136.8%Good Jumper by Metra Walthour (2)
    02:11   6.8%Assisted by Mo Bennett
    01:47Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  6.9%
    01:47   6.9%Shot Blocked by Sasha Goodlett
    01:43   6.9%Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    01:38   7.0%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    01:38   7.0%Offensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    01:33Foul by Brittany Gordon (P2/T6)  7.0%
    01:33   7.0%Missed Free Throw by Mo Bennett
    01:33   7.0%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    01:33 17-31GT +148.5%Good Free Throw by Mo Bennett (1)
    01:33Sub In Porschia Hadley  8.5%
    01:33Sub In Lindsay Biggs  8.5%
    01:33Sub Out Brittany Gordon  8.5%
    01:33Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  8.5%
    01:33   8.5%Sub In LaQuananisha Adams
    01:33   8.5%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    01:16Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (8)19-31GT +127.1%
    01:16Assisted by Lindsay Biggs  7.1%
    00:57   7.2%Missed 3-Pointer by Mo Bennett
    00:57Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison  7.2%
    00:49Missed Layup by Utahya Drye  7.2%
    00:49Offensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison  7.2%
    00:44Good Layup by Utahya Drye (10) [Paint]21-31GT +104.5%
    00:44Assisted by Shanel Harrison  4.5%
    00:44   4.5%Foul by Metra Walthour (P1/T5)
    00:44Good Free Throw by Utahya Drye (11)22-31GT +93.4%
    00:44Georgia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    00:44   3.4%Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    00:44   3.4%Sub Out LaQuananisha Adams
    00:20   2.5%Turnover by Metra Walthour
    00:16Steal by Shani Grey  2.5%
    00:13Good Layup by Utahya Drye (13) [Paint/Fast Break]24-31GT +71.7%
    00:01   1.7%Missed 3-Pointer by Mo Bennett
    00:01Defensive Rebound by Lindsay Biggs  1.7%
    2nd Half
    TimeVirginia TechScoreMarginLead SafeGeorgia Tech
    20:00Sub In Porschia Hadley  1.7%
    20:00Sub In Shani Grey  1.7%
    20:00Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  1.7%
    20:00Sub Out Brittany Gordon  1.7%
    20:00   1.7%Sub In Mo Bennett
    20:00   1.7%Sub Out Alex Montgomery
    19:42   1.7%Missed 3-Pointer by Mo Bennett
    19:42   1.0%Offensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    19:35 24-33GT +92.6%Good Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi (9)
    19:35   2.6%Assisted by Deja Foster
    19:16Missed Jumper by Lindsay Biggs  2.6%
    19:16   2.6%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    18:54   2.7%Turnover by Mo Bennett
    18:51Steal by Utahya Drye  2.7%
    18:48Good Layup by Shani Grey (4) [Paint/Fast Break]26-33GT +71.8%
    18:48Assisted by Utahya Drye  1.8%
    18:32Foul by Shanel Harrison (P1/T7)  1.8%
    18:32 26-34GT +82.7%Good Free Throw by Brigitte Ardossi (10)
    18:32 26-35GT +93.8%Good Free Throw by Brigitte Ardossi (11)
    18:32   3.8%Sub In Metra Walthour
    18:32   3.8%Sub Out Sharena Taylor
    18:18Good Layup by Shanel Harrison (2) [Paint]28-35GT +71.8%
    18:18Assisted by Utahya Drye  1.8%
    17:52   1.9%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    17:52   1.1%Offensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    17:36Foul by Shanel Harrison (P2/T8)  1.2%
    17:36 28-36GT +81.9%Good Free Throw by Brigitte Ardossi (12)
    17:36 28-37GT +92.9%Good Free Throw by Brigitte Ardossi (13)
    17:36Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  2.9%
    17:36Sub In Brittany Gordon  2.9%
    17:36Sub Out Porschia Hadley  2.9%
    17:36Sub Out Shanel Harrison  2.9%
    17:25Turnover by Lindsay Biggs  4.0%
    17:23   4.1%Steal by Alex Montgomery
    17:21 28-39GT +115.4%Good Layup by Mo Bennett (3) [Paint/Fast Break]
    17:15Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    17:06Missed Layup by Brittany Gordon  5.5%
    17:06   5.5%Defensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    16:36   5.6%Missed Jumper by Deja Foster
    16:36Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  5.6%
    16:28   5.7%Foul by Deja Foster (P1/T6)
    16:17Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  5.8%
    16:17   5.8%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    16:08 28-41GT +139.3%Good Layup by Sasha Goodlett (5) [Paint/Fast Break]
    16:08   9.3%Assisted by Deja Foster
    15:47Turnover by Lindsay Biggs  11.6%
    15:47Media Timeout
    15:32   11.8%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    15:32Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  11.8%
    15:15Good Jumper by Utahya Drye (15)30-41GT +117.9%
    15:15Assisted by Shani Grey  7.9%
    14:55 30-43GT +1310.1%Good Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi (15) [Paint]
    14:55   10.1%Assisted by Sasha Goodlett
    14:38Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  10.3%
    14:38Offensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon  12.6%
    14:34Missed Layup by Brittany Gordon  12.6%
    14:34Offensive Rebound by Shani Grey  12.6%
    14:33   12.6%Foul by Brigitte Ardossi (P1/T7)
    14:33Good Free Throw by Shani Grey (5)31-43GT +1210.3%
    14:33Good Free Throw by Shani Grey (6)32-43GT +118.3%
    14:33Sub In Aerial Wilson  8.3%
    14:33Sub Out Shani Grey  8.3%
    14:20   8.4%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    14:20Defensive Rebound by Team  8.4%
    13:54Missed Layup by Brittany Gordon  8.7%
    13:54   8.7%Shot Blocked by Mo Bennett
    13:51Offensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  8.7%
    13:48Missed Layup by Utahya Drye  8.7%
    13:48   8.7%Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    13:39 32-45GT +1311.0%Good Jumper by Sasha Goodlett (7)
    13:39   11.0%Assisted by Mo Bennett
    13:12Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs  11.4%
    13:12   11.4%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    12:50   11.7%Missed Jumper by Mo Bennett
    12:50Defensive Rebound by Brittany Gordon  11.7%
    12:41Turnover by Aerial Wilson  14.5%
    12:41Sub In Shanel Harrison  14.5%
    12:41Sub Out Lindsay Biggs  14.5%
    12:41   14.5%Sub In Chelsea Regins
    12:41   14.5%Sub In Sharena Taylor
    12:41   14.5%Sub Out Deja Foster
    12:41   14.5%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    12:26Foul by Utahya Drye (P1/T9)  14.8%
    12:26Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    12:26Sub In Taylor Ayers  14.8%
    12:26Sub Out Brittany Gordon  14.8%
    12:26   14.8%Sub In Deja Foster
    12:26   14.8%Sub Out Mo Bennett
    11:38   15.8%Missed Layup by Chelsea Regins
    11:38   12.9%Offensive Rebound by Sharena Taylor
    11:33Foul by Taylor Ayers (P1/T10)  13.0%
    11:33   13.0%Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    11:33   13.0%Sub Out Chelsea Regins
    11:31 32-47GT +1519.1%Good Layup by Deja Foster (7) [Paint]
    11:28   19.2%Foul by Brigitte Ardossi (P2/T8)
    11:28Media Timeout
    11:28Missed Free Throw by Taylor Ayers  19.2%
    11:28Deadball Rebound Team  22.7%
    11:28Good Free Throw by Taylor Ayers (1)33-47GT +1419.2%
    11:23   19.4%Missed Jumper by Metra Walthour
    11:23Defensive Rebound by Shanel Harrison  19.4%
    11:17   19.5%Foul by Sharena Taylor (P1/T9)
    11:03Good Layup by Taylor Ayers (3) [Paint]35-47GT +1213.6%
    11:03Assisted by Utahya Drye  13.6%
    10:42 35-49GT +1417.2%Good Jumper by Sharena Taylor (2)
    10:42   17.2%Assisted by Sasha Goodlett
    10:22Good Layup by Alyssa Fenyn (6) [Paint]37-49GT +1214.5%
    10:22Assisted by Taylor Ayers  14.5%
    10:04 37-51GT +1418.3%Good Layup by Sasha Goodlett (9) [Paint]
    10:04   18.3%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    10:04Foul by Utahya Drye (P2/T11)  18.3%
    10:04   18.3%Missed Free Throw by Sasha Goodlett
    10:04Defensive Rebound by Abby Redick  18.3%
    10:04Sub In Lindsay Biggs  18.3%
    10:04Sub In Shani Grey  18.3%
    10:04Sub In Abby Redick  18.3%
    10:04Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  18.3%
    10:04Sub Out Utahya Drye  18.3%
    10:04Sub Out Shanel Harrison  18.3%
    10:04   18.3%Sub In Mo Bennett
    10:04   18.3%Sub Out Deja Foster
    09:48Good Layup by Taylor Ayers (5) [Paint]39-51GT +1215.3%
    09:48Assisted by Shani Grey  15.3%
    09:29   15.9%Missed Jumper by Sasha Goodlett
    09:29Defensive Rebound by Abby Redick  15.9%
    09:04Missed 3-Pointer by Abby Redick  16.6%
    09:04   16.6%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    08:52 39-53GT +1420.7%Good Layup by Sasha Goodlett (11) [Paint]
    08:52   20.7%Assisted by Brigitte Ardossi
    08:42   21.1%Foul by Metra Walthour (P2/T10)
    08:42Sub In Utahya Drye  21.1%
    08:42Sub Out Taylor Ayers  21.1%
    08:42   21.1%Sub In Deja Foster
    08:42   21.1%Sub In Chelsea Regins
    08:42   21.1%Sub Out Brigitte Ardossi
    08:42   21.1%Sub Out Sharena Taylor
    08:37Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs  21.3%
    08:37   21.3%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    08:27 39-55GT +1630.8%Good Layup by Chelsea Regins (4) [Paint]
    08:27   30.8%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    08:17Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    08:17Sub In Porschia Hadley  31.4%
    08:17Sub In Shanel Harrison  31.4%
    08:17Sub Out Shani Grey  31.4%
    08:17Sub Out Aerial Wilson  31.4%
    08:17   31.4%Sub In Brigitte Ardossi
    08:17   31.4%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    08:05Turnover by Abby Redick  37.6%
    08:05   37.6%Steal by Mo Bennett
    08:05Foul by Shanel Harrison (P3/T12)  37.6%
    08:05Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  37.6%
    08:05Sub Out Shanel Harrison  37.6%
    07:50 39-57GT +1844.7%Good Jumper by Mo Bennett (5)
    07:50   44.7%Assisted by Metra Walthour
    07:21Turnover by Utahya Drye  54.5%
    07:19   54.7%Steal by Mo Bennett
    07:16   55.1%Missed Layup by Mo Bennett
    07:16Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  55.1%
    07:09Missed Jumper by Alyssa Fenyn  56.0%
    07:09   56.0%Defensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    06:46 39-59GT +2067.1%Good Layup by Deja Foster (9) [Paint]
    06:46Foul by Alyssa Fenyn (P1/T13)  67.1%
    06:46Media Timeout
    06:46   67.1%Missed Free Throw by Deja Foster
    06:46Defensive Rebound by Taylor Ayers  67.1%
    06:46Sub In Taylor Ayers  67.1%
    06:46Sub In Shani Grey  67.1%
    06:46Sub Out Porschia Hadley  67.1%
    06:46Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  67.1%
    06:46   67.1%Sub In Sasha Goodlett
    06:40Turnover by Taylor Ayers  76.6%
    06:40   76.6%Steal by Deja Foster
    06:30   78.5%Missed Jumper by Mo Bennett
    06:19Defensive Rebound by Abby Redick  80.8%
    06:16Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye  81.4%
    06:16   81.4%Defensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    05:55Foul by Taylor Ayers (P2/T14)  86.3%
    05:55   86.3%Missed Free Throw by Chelsea Regins
    05:55   76.7%Offensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    05:55Sub In Aerial Wilson  76.7%
    05:55Sub Out Abby Redick  76.7%
    05:38   80.5%Turnover by Mo Bennett
    05:36Steal by Shani Grey  81.0%
    05:33   81.8%Foul by Mo Bennett (P3/T11)
    05:33Missed Free Throw by Aerial Wilson  81.8%
    05:33Deadball Rebound Team  92.0%
    05:33Good Free Throw by Aerial Wilson (1)40-59GT +1981.8%
    05:33   81.8%Sub In Jasmine Blain
    05:33   81.8%Sub Out Chelsea Regins
    05:33   81.8%Sub Out Mo Bennett
    05:13   76.8%Turnover by Deja Foster
    05:11Steal by Shani Grey  77.3%
    05:00Missed 3-Pointer by Lindsay Biggs  80.1%
    05:00   80.1%Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    04:33   88.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Jasmine Blain
    04:33Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  88.0%
    04:24Good 3-Pointer by Aerial Wilson (4) [Fast Break]43-59GT +1669.0%
    04:24Assisted by Lindsay Biggs  69.0%
    03:57   76.9%Missed Layup by Sasha Goodlett
    03:57   65.9%Offensive Rebound by Sasha Goodlett
    03:54   66.8%Missed Layup by Sasha Goodlett
    03:54Defensive Rebound by Team  66.8%
    03:54Media Timeout
    03:54Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  66.8%
    03:54Sub In Brittany Gordon  66.8%
    03:54Sub Out Lindsay Biggs  66.8%
    03:54Sub Out Taylor Ayers  66.8%
    03:54   66.8%Sub In Mo Bennett
    03:54   66.8%Sub In Sharena Taylor
    03:54   66.8%Sub Out Metra Walthour
    03:54   66.8%Sub Out Jasmine Blain
    03:32Missed 3-Pointer by Alyssa Fenyn  73.7%
    03:32   73.7%Defensive Rebound by Mo Bennett
    03:06   84.0%Missed Jumper by Mo Bennett
    03:06   84.0%Offensive Rebound by Deja Foster
    03:03   85.4%Turnover by Deja Foster
    02:51Missed Jumper by Aerial Wilson  91.4%
    02:51   91.4%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    02:48Sub In Lindsay Biggs  93.0%
    02:48Sub Out Alyssa Fenyn  93.0%
    02:41   97.0%Missed Jumper by Brigitte Ardossi
    02:41Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  97.0%
    02:19Missed Jumper by Utahya Drye  100.0%
    02:19   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Brigitte Ardossi
    02:06 43-61GT +18100.0%Good Layup by Deja Foster (11) [Paint]
    02:06   100.0%Assisted by Brigitte Ardossi
    01:38Missed 3-Pointer by Aerial Wilson  100.0%
    01:38Offensive Rebound by Shani Grey  100.0%
    01:34Turnover by Shani Grey  100.0%
    01:34Sub In Taylor Ayers  100.0%
    01:34Sub In Alyssa Fenyn  100.0%
    01:34Sub Out Brittany Gordon  100.0%
    01:34Sub Out Shani Grey  100.0%
    01:34   100.0%Sub In LaQuananisha Adams
    01:34   100.0%Sub In Jasmine Blain
    01:34   100.0%Sub In Chelsea Regins
    01:34   100.0%Sub Out Brigitte Ardossi
    01:34   100.0%Sub Out Deja Foster
    01:34   100.0%Sub Out Sasha Goodlett
    01:14   100.0%Turnover by LaQuananisha Adams
    01:12Steal by Alyssa Fenyn  100.0%
    01:09Missed Layup by Alyssa Fenyn  100.0%
    01:09   100.0%Shot Blocked by Jasmine Blain
    01:09Offensive Rebound by Team  100.0%
    01:05Missed Jumper by Lindsay Biggs  100.0%
    01:05Offensive Rebound by Alyssa Fenyn  100.0%
    00:59Good Layup by Aerial Wilson (6) [Paint]45-61GT +16100.0%
    00:59Assisted by Alyssa Fenyn  100.0%
    00:39   100.0%Turnover by Sharena Taylor
    00:37Steal by Lindsay Biggs  100.0%
    00:35Good Layup by Aerial Wilson (8) [Paint/Fast Break]47-61GT +14100.0%
    00:35Assisted by Lindsay Biggs  100.0%
    00:06   100.0%Missed Layup by LaQuananisha Adams
    00:03Defensive Rebound by Utahya Drye  100.0%

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