Presbyterian (0-1) 813111244
Virginia Tech (1-0) 127271258
    November 13, 2015 - 7:05 AM
    Cassell Coliseum, Blacksburg, Va.
  • Officials: Angel Stanton, Timothy Bryant, Shawn Goode
  • Attendance: 1,611
Presbyterian 44
Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
05WALKER, Rebeccaf3-71-31-313428010227
25MASON, Tiac0-00-00-201140031014
14MILES, Janieg0-100-62-210102130129
12KELLY, Aiannag0-10-02-405522140130
10STOREY, Cortneyg2-72-35-6033211450034
15CLIFTON, Yakima0-00-01-210111011012
21PETTY, Taylor4-82-52-2123212040025
22TALLEY, Kendra0-00-00-00000000001
30REFFNER, Kaycie0-00-00-00111002014
32VIROLA, Salina2-60-02-422436010120
45WAGNER, Allie1-30-10-00110201004
TEAM 325

  • Points Off TOs: 18
  • 2nd Chance Points: 6
  • Points in the Paint: 14
  • Fast Break Points: 0
  • Points off the Bench: 21
  • Largest Lead: 7 - 2nd-04:38
  • Ties: 1
  • Leads: 1
  • Led for 10:14. Game was tied for 1:48.
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals5-18 (27.8%)7-24 (29.2%)12-42 (28.6%)
    3-Point Field Goals2-10 (20.0%)3-8 (37.5%)5-18 (27.8%)
    Free Throws9-15 (60.0%)6-10 (60.0%)15-25 (60.0%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 5,1
    Virginia Tech 58
    Field Goal3-Pt. GoalFree ThrowRebounds
    11Regan Magarityf6-90-12-3549314171131
    12Chanette Hicksg2-50-00-004444410119
    24Taijah Campbellf2-50-00-003334001125
    05Vanessa Panousisg6-154-100-0213316650240
    04Hannah Youngf2-62-52-222428250231
    02Sidney Cook1-60-21-331433110010
    22Alana Gilmer1-20-00-01010200002
    23Rachel Camp0-10-00-00111002008
    25Samantha Hill1-41-42-400015111120
    35Tara Nahodil0-00-00-00110000003
    40Dominique Powell1-20-00-214522100011
    TEAM 134

  • Points Off TOs: 20
  • 2nd Chance Points: 17
  • Points in the Paint: 26
  • Fast Break Points: 6
  • Points off the Bench: 12
  • Largest Lead: 17 - 3rd-01:33
  • Ties: 1
  • Leads: 2
  • Led for 27:58. Game was tied for 1:48.
  • 1st Half2nd HalfTotal
    Field Goals7-28 (25.0%)15-27 (55.6%)22-55 (40.0%)
    3-Point Field Goals1-10 (10.0%)6-12 (50.0%)7-22 (31.8%)
    Free Throws4-9 (44.4%)3-5 (60.0%)7-14 (50.0%)
    Deadball Rebounds: 4,2
    1st Quarter
    TimePresbyterianScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    09:35    Missed Jumper by Vanessa Panousis
    09:35    Offensive Rebound by Hannah Young
    09:33    Missed Layup by Hannah Young
    09:33    Offensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    09:30    Turnover by Regan Magarity
    09:30Steal by KELLY, Aianna   
    09:12Good Layup by WALKER, Rebecca (2) [Paint]2-0PC +2 
    09:12    Foul by Taijah Campbell (P1/T1)
    09:12Missed Free Throw by WALKER, Rebecca   
    09:12    Defensive Rebound by Taijah Campbell
    08:52    Missed Jumper by Taijah Campbell
    08:52Defensive Rebound by KELLY, Aianna   
    08:46    Foul by Chanette Hicks (P1/T2)
    08:18Turnover by MASON, Tia   
    08:18Foul by MASON, Tia (P1/T1)   
    08:03    Missed 3-Pointer by Regan Magarity
    08:03    Offensive Rebound by Vanessa Panousis
    07:57 2-3VT +1 Good 3-Pointer by Hannah Young (3)
    07:57    Assisted by Chanette Hicks
    07:24Turnover by MASON, Tia   
    07:19Foul by STOREY, Cortney (P1/T2)   
    07:08 2-5VT +3 Good Jumper by Taijah Campbell (2)
    07:08    Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    06:32Missed Jumper by MILES, Janie   
    06:32    Defensive Rebound by Chanette Hicks
    06:28Sub In PETTY, Taylor   
    06:28Sub In VIROLA, Salina   
    06:28Sub Out MILES, Janie   
    06:28Sub Out MASON, Tia   
    06:25    Turnover by Hannah Young
    06:09Missed 3-Pointer by PETTY, Taylor   
    06:09    Defensive Rebound by Vanessa Panousis
    05:59    Missed Jumper by Chanette Hicks
    05:59Defensive Rebound by Team   
    05:58Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima   
    05:58Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca   
    05:40Turnover by PETTY, Taylor  0.0%
    05:24Foul by VIROLA, Salina (P1/T3)  0.0%
    05:24 2-6VT +40.1%Good Free Throw by Hannah Young (4)
    05:24 2-7VT +50.3%Good Free Throw by Hannah Young (5)
    05:01   0.3%Foul by Chanette Hicks (P2/T3)
    05:01Good Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney (1)3-7VT +40.1%
    05:01Good Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney (2)4-7VT +30.0%
    05:01Sub In MILES, Janie  0.0%
    05:01Sub Out PETTY, Taylor  0.0%
    05:01   0.0%Sub In Samantha Hill
    05:01   0.0%Sub Out Chanette Hicks
    04:45    Turnover by Samantha Hill
    04:45Steal by VIROLA, Salina   
    04:34Turnover by STOREY, Cortney  0.0%
    04:33   0.0%Steal by Vanessa Panousis
    04:31    Turnover by Vanessa Panousis
    04:31    Foul by Vanessa Panousis (P1/T4)
    04:31Media Timeout
    04:31Sub In WALKER, Rebecca   
    04:31Sub In REFFNER, Kaycie   
    04:31Sub Out STOREY, Cortney   
    04:31Sub Out CLIFTON, Yakima   
    04:17Turnover by VIROLA, Salina  0.0%
    04:17Foul by VIROLA, Salina (P2/T4)  0.0%
    04:17Sub In MASON, Tia  0.0%
    04:17Sub Out VIROLA, Salina  0.0%
    04:03    Turnover by Hannah Young
    04:03Steal by WALKER, Rebecca   
    03:50Turnover by MILES, Janie  0.0%
    03:49   0.0%Steal by Taijah Campbell
    03:48    Turnover by Vanessa Panousis
    03:33    Foul by Taijah Campbell (P2/T5)
    03:33Missed Free Throw by MASON, Tia   
    03:33Deadball Rebound Team  0.0%
    03:33Missed Free Throw by MASON, Tia  0.0%
    03:33   0.0%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    03:33   0.0%Sub In Dominique Powell
    03:33   0.0%Sub In Sidney Cook
    03:33   0.0%Sub Out Regan Magarity
    03:33   0.0%Sub Out Taijah Campbell
    03:17   0.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Samantha Hill
    03:17Defensive Rebound by MASON, Tia  0.0%
    03:06   0.0%Foul by Samantha Hill (P1/T6)
    03:06Good Free Throw by MILES, Janie (1)5-7VT +2 
    03:06Good Free Throw by MILES, Janie (2)6-7VT +1 
    02:50    Missed 3-Pointer by Sidney Cook
    02:50    Offensive Rebound by Vanessa Panousis
    02:43 6-9VT +3 Good Layup by Dominique Powell (2) [Paint]
    02:43    Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    02:26Turnover by REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    02:22   0.0%Missed Layup by Sidney Cook
    02:22Defensive Rebound by REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    01:56Turnover by REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    01:56   0.0%Steal by Hannah Young
    01:43Foul by MASON, Tia (P2/T5)  0.0%
    01:43   0.0%Missed Free Throw by Sidney Cook
    01:43    Deadball Rebound TEAM
    01:43 6-10VT +40.0%Good Free Throw by Sidney Cook (1)
    01:43Sub In PETTY, Taylor  0.0%
    01:43Sub In WAGNER, Allie  0.0%
    01:43Sub In STOREY, Cortney  0.0%
    01:43Sub Out KELLY, Aianna  0.0%
    01:43Sub Out REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    01:43Sub Out MASON, Tia  0.0%
    01:43   0.0%Sub In Rachel Camp
    01:43   0.0%Sub Out Hannah Young
    01:21Missed Layup by MILES, Janie  0.0%
    01:21   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Dominique Powell
    01:12 6-12VT +60.3%Good Layup by Sidney Cook (3) [Paint]
    01:12   0.3%Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    01:12Foul by STOREY, Cortney (P2/T6)  0.3%
    01:12   0.3%Missed Free Throw by Sidney Cook
    01:12Defensive Rebound by PETTY, Taylor  0.3%
    01:02Good Layup by WALKER, Rebecca (4) [Paint]8-12VT +40.1%
    00:37   0.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Sidney Cook
    00:37Defensive Rebound by WAGNER, Allie  0.1%
    00:07Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie  0.1%
    00:07   0.1%Shot Blocked by Samantha Hill
    00:05Offensive Rebound by MILES, Janie  0.1%
    00:01Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie  0.1%
    00:01   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Dominique Powell
    2nd Quarter
    TimePresbyterianScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    10:00Sub In REFFNER, Kaycie  0.1%
    10:00Sub In PETTY, Taylor  0.1%
    10:00Sub In WAGNER, Allie  0.1%
    10:00Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima  0.1%
    10:00Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  0.1%
    10:00Sub Out STOREY, Cortney  0.1%
    10:00Sub Out MILES, Janie  0.1%
    10:00Sub Out MASON, Tia  0.1%
    10:00   0.1%Sub In Sidney Cook
    10:00   0.1%Sub In Rachel Camp
    10:00   0.1%Sub Out Chanette Hicks
    10:00   0.1%Sub Out Taijah Campbell
    09:47Missed Layup by WAGNER, Allie  0.1%
    09:47   0.1%Shot Blocked by Regan Magarity
    09:46   0.1%Defensive Rebound by Sidney Cook
    09:40   0.0%Turnover by Vanessa Panousis
    09:39Steal by REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    09:37   0.0%Foul by Hannah Young (P1/T7)
    09:37Sub In MASON, Tia  0.0%
    09:37Sub Out WAGNER, Allie  0.0%
    09:35Turnover by KELLY, Aianna  0.1%
    09:33Foul by CLIFTON, Yakima (P1/T7)  0.1%
    09:29   0.0%Turnover by Regan Magarity
    09:19   0.0%Foul by Sidney Cook (P1/T8)
    09:19   0.0%Sub In Dominique Powell
    09:19   0.0%Sub Out Sidney Cook
    09:15Turnover by KELLY, Aianna  0.1%
    09:10   0.1%Missed Layup by Regan Magarity
    09:10   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Dominique Powell
    09:10Foul by REFFNER, Kaycie (P1/T8)  0.0%
    09:10   0.0%Missed Free Throw by Dominique Powell
    09:10   0.0%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    09:10   0.0%Missed Free Throw by Dominique Powell
    09:10   0.0%Offensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    09:10Sub In STOREY, Cortney  0.0%
    09:10Sub Out REFFNER, Kaycie  0.0%
    09:10Sub Out PETTY, Taylor  0.0%
    09:06   0.0%Turnover by Rachel Camp
    08:52Good 3-Pointer by STOREY, Cortney (5)11-12VT +1 
    08:52Assisted by KELLY, Aianna   
    08:36    Turnover by Regan Magarity
    08:36Sub In WALKER, Rebecca   
    08:36Sub Out CLIFTON, Yakima   
    08:24    Foul by Rachel Camp (P1/T9)
    08:24Good Free Throw by PETTY, Taylor (1)12-12T 1 
    08:24Good Free Throw by PETTY, Taylor (2)13-12PC +1 
    08:18    Turnover by Rachel Camp
    08:17Steal by WALKER, Rebecca   
    08:15Missed Layup by WALKER, Rebecca   
    08:15    Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    07:57    Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    07:57Defensive Rebound by KELLY, Aianna   
    07:47Missed Jumper by STOREY, Cortney   
    07:47    Defensive Rebound by Dominique Powell
    07:37    Missed Layup by Rachel Camp
    07:37    Offensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    07:36Foul by KELLY, Aianna (P1/T9)   
    07:36    Sub In Samantha Hill
    07:36    Sub Out Rachel Camp
    07:29    Missed 3-Pointer by Hannah Young
    07:29Defensive Rebound by Team   
    07:09Turnover by PETTY, Taylor   
    07:09    Steal by Vanessa Panousis
    07:09Sub In MILES, Janie   
    07:09Sub Out KELLY, Aianna   
    07:09    Sub In Sidney Cook
    07:09    Sub Out Dominique Powell
    06:57    Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    06:57Defensive Rebound by STOREY, Cortney   
    06:47Missed 3-Pointer by PETTY, Taylor   
    06:47    Defensive Rebound by Hannah Young
    06:37    Missed Jumper by Sidney Cook
    06:37Shot Blocked by MASON, Tia   
    06:35    Offensive Rebound by Sidney Cook
    06:28    Missed Jumper by Regan Magarity
    06:28Defensive Rebound by PETTY, Taylor   
    06:09Turnover by WALKER, Rebecca   
    06:09Sub In VIROLA, Salina   
    06:09Sub Out MASON, Tia   
    05:59    Turnover by Hannah Young
    05:59    Foul by Hannah Young (P2/T10)
    05:59    Sub In Rachel Camp
    05:59    Sub In Tara Nahodil
    05:59    Sub Out Hannah Young
    05:59    Sub Out Regan Magarity
    05:44Good 3-Pointer by WALKER, Rebecca (7)16-12PC +40.0%
    05:44Assisted by STOREY, Cortney  0.0%
    05:23Foul by WALKER, Rebecca (P1/T10)  0.0%
    05:11   0.1%Turnover by Sidney Cook
    04:54Good Layup by VIROLA, Salina (2) [Paint]18-12PC +60.4%
    04:54Assisted by MILES, Janie  0.4%
    04:51Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    04:51Media Timeout
    04:51   0.4%Sub In Regan Magarity
    04:51   0.4%Sub Out Sidney Cook
    04:40   0.4%Missed 3-Pointer by Samantha Hill
    04:40Deadball Rebound Team  0.4%
    04:38   0.4%Foul by Regan Magarity (P1/T11)
    04:38Good Free Throw by VIROLA, Salina (3)19-12PC +70.8%
    04:38Missed Free Throw by VIROLA, Salina  0.8%
    04:38   0.8%Defensive Rebound by Tara Nahodil
    04:11   0.8%Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    04:11Defensive Rebound by WALKER, Rebecca  0.8%
    03:52Missed 3-Pointer by PETTY, Taylor  0.9%
    03:52   0.9%Defensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    03:44 19-14PC +50.4%Good Layup by Regan Magarity (2) [Paint/Fast Break]
    03:26Missed 3-Pointer by WALKER, Rebecca  0.4%
    03:26Offensive Rebound by Team  0.2%
    03:23Sub In KELLY, Aianna  0.2%
    03:23Sub In MASON, Tia  0.2%
    03:23Sub Out VIROLA, Salina  0.2%
    03:23   0.2%Sub In Dominique Powell
    03:23   0.2%Sub Out Tara Nahodil
    03:06Turnover by MILES, Janie  0.2%
    02:52Foul by MASON, Tia (P3/T11)  0.2%
    02:52 19-15PC +40.0%Good Free Throw by Regan Magarity (3)
    02:52   0.0%Missed Free Throw by Regan Magarity
    02:52Defensive Rebound by WALKER, Rebecca  0.0%
    02:52Sub In VIROLA, Salina  0.0%
    02:52Sub Out MASON, Tia  0.0%
    02:32Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie  0.0%
    02:32   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Rachel Camp
    02:20   0.2%Turnover by Vanessa Panousis
    02:20Steal by MILES, Janie  0.2%
    02:20Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima  0.2%
    02:20Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  0.2%
    02:06   0.2%Foul by Dominique Powell (P1/T12)
    02:06Missed Free Throw by KELLY, Aianna  0.2%
    02:06Deadball Rebound Team  0.0%
    02:06Good Free Throw by KELLY, Aianna (1)20-15PC +50.2%
    02:06Sub In WAGNER, Allie  0.2%
    02:06Sub In PETTY, Taylor  0.2%
    02:06Sub Out STOREY, Cortney  0.2%
    02:06Sub Out VIROLA, Salina  0.2%
    02:06   0.2%Sub In Alana Gilmer
    02:06   0.2%Sub In Sidney Cook
    02:06   0.2%Sub Out Rachel Camp
    02:06   0.2%Sub Out Regan Magarity
    01:47   0.2%Missed Jumper by Alana Gilmer
    01:47   0.5%Offensive Rebound by Sidney Cook
    01:36   0.5%Missed Jumper by Dominique Powell
    01:36   0.5%Offensive Rebound by TEAM
    01:27   0.5%Missed Jumper by Sidney Cook
    01:27   0.5%Offensive Rebound by Alana Gilmer
    01:24 20-17PC +30.0%Good Layup by Alana Gilmer (2) [Paint]
    01:03Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie  0.0%
    01:03Offensive Rebound by CLIFTON, Yakima   
    01:00    Foul by Sidney Cook (P2/T13)
    01:00Good Free Throw by CLIFTON, Yakima (1)21-17PC +40.0%
    01:00Missed Free Throw by CLIFTON, Yakima  0.0%
    01:00   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Dominique Powell
    01:00   0.0%Sub In Regan Magarity
    01:00   0.0%Sub Out Sidney Cook
    00:42 21-19PC +2 Good Layup by Regan Magarity (5) [Paint]
    00:42    Assisted by Dominique Powell
    00:13Turnover by PETTY, Taylor   
    00:13Foul by PETTY, Taylor (P1/T12)   
    3rd Quarter
    TimePresbyterianScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    09:46Turnover by MILES, Janie   
    09:25 21-21T 2 Good Layup by Regan Magarity (7) [Paint]
    09:25    Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    09:01Turnover by MASON, Tia   
    08:50    Missed Jumper by Taijah Campbell
    08:50Defensive Rebound by KELLY, Aianna   
    08:28Turnover by STOREY, Cortney   
    08:27    Steal by Chanette Hicks
    08:25 21-23VT +2 Good Layup by Chanette Hicks (2) [Paint/Fast Break]
    08:09Missed Layup by KELLY, Aianna   
    08:09Offensive Rebound by WALKER, Rebecca   
    08:03Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie   
    08:03    Deadball Rebound TEAM
    08:01Foul by MASON, Tia (P4/T13)   
    08:01Sub In VIROLA, Salina   
    08:01Sub Out MASON, Tia   
    07:47    Missed Jumper by Chanette Hicks
    07:47Defensive Rebound by VIROLA, Salina   
    07:32Missed Jumper by WALKER, Rebecca   
    07:32    Defensive Rebound by Chanette Hicks
    07:25    Missed Layup by Chanette Hicks
    07:25    Offensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    07:12 21-25VT +40.0%Good Layup by Regan Magarity (9) [Paint]
    06:32Missed Jumper by MILES, Janie  0.0%
    06:32   0.0%Defensive Rebound by Hannah Young
    06:28 21-28VT +71.2%Good 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis (3)
    06:28   1.2%Assisted by Chanette Hicks
    06:24Presbyterian 30 Second Timeout
    06:24Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima  1.2%
    06:24Sub In PETTY, Taylor  1.2%
    06:24Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  1.2%
    06:24Sub Out MILES, Janie  1.2%
    06:24   1.2%Sub In Sidney Cook
    06:24   1.2%Sub Out Regan Magarity
    06:14Turnover by KELLY, Aianna  2.1%
    06:11 21-30VT +93.1%Good Layup by Chanette Hicks (4) [Paint/Fast Break]
    06:11   3.1%Assisted by Sidney Cook
    05:38Missed Jumper by STOREY, Cortney  3.2%
    05:38   3.2%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    05:21   3.3%Missed Layup by Taijah Campbell
    05:19Shot Blocked by CLIFTON, Yakima  3.3%
    05:18Defensive Rebound by VIROLA, Salina  3.3%
    04:57   3.4%Foul by Sidney Cook (P3/T14)
    04:57Media Timeout
    04:57Missed Free Throw by VIROLA, Salina  3.4%
    04:57Deadball Rebound Team  4.7%
    04:57Good Free Throw by VIROLA, Salina (4)22-30VT +83.4%
    04:57Sub In WALKER, Rebecca  3.4%
    04:57Sub In WAGNER, Allie  3.4%
    04:57Sub Out VIROLA, Salina  3.4%
    04:57Sub Out CLIFTON, Yakima  3.4%
    04:57   3.4%Sub In Regan Magarity
    04:57   3.4%Sub Out Sidney Cook
    04:50   2.3%Turnover by Chanette Hicks
    04:29Missed 3-Pointer by STOREY, Cortney  2.3%
    04:29   2.3%Defensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    04:23 22-33VT +116.5%Good 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis (6)
    04:23   6.5%Assisted by Regan Magarity
    03:58Good Layup by WAGNER, Allie (2) [Paint]24-33VT +95.0%
    03:58Assisted by STOREY, Cortney  5.0%
    03:32 24-36VT +128.9%Good 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis (9)
    03:32   8.9%Assisted by Chanette Hicks
    03:18Missed 3-Pointer by WAGNER, Allie  9.1%
    03:18   9.1%Defensive Rebound by Taijah Campbell
    03:09   9.2%Missed Jumper by Vanessa Panousis
    03:09   9.2%Offensive Rebound by Hannah Young
    03:06 24-39VT +1516.8%Good 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis (12)
    03:06   16.8%Assisted by Hannah Young
    02:47Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima  17.2%
    02:47Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  17.2%
    02:47   17.2%Sub In Samantha Hill
    02:47   17.2%Sub Out Chanette Hicks
    02:32Missed Jumper by PETTY, Taylor  17.6%
    02:32Offensive Rebound by PETTY, Taylor  20.8%
    02:32Good Layup by PETTY, Taylor (4) [Paint]26-39VT +1314.7%
    02:26Presbyterian Full Timeout
    02:10 26-41VT +1518.1%Good Layup by Regan Magarity (11) [Paint]
    01:51Missed Layup by VIROLA, Salina  18.6%
    01:51Offensive Rebound by Team  22.0%
    01:41Turnover by KELLY, Aianna  22.3%
    01:40   22.3%Steal by Samantha Hill
    01:33 26-43VT +1726.3%Good Layup by Regan Magarity (13) [Paint]
    01:33   26.3%Assisted by Samantha Hill
    01:18Good 3-Pointer by PETTY, Taylor (7)29-43VT +1419.5%
    01:18Assisted by STOREY, Cortney  19.5%
    00:52 29-46VT +1728.0%Good 3-Pointer by Samantha Hill (3)
    00:52   28.0%Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    00:34Good 3-Pointer by PETTY, Taylor (10)32-46VT +1420.9%
    00:34Assisted by STOREY, Cortney  20.9%
    00:02   18.3%Turnover by Regan Magarity
    00:02   18.3%Foul by Regan Magarity (P2/T15)
    00:02Turnover by WAGNER, Allie  22.0%
    00:02Sub In MILES, Janie  22.0%
    00:02Sub In MASON, Tia  22.0%
    00:02Sub Out CLIFTON, Yakima  22.0%
    00:02Sub Out KELLY, Aianna  22.0%
    00:02   22.0%Sub In Chanette Hicks
    00:02   22.0%Sub Out Hannah Young
    00:00   22.0%Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    00:00   18.4%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    4th Quarter
    TimePresbyterianScoreMarginLead SafeVirginia Tech
    10:00Sub In PETTY, Taylor  18.4%
    10:00Sub Out KELLY, Aianna  18.4%
    10:00   18.4%Sub In Samantha Hill
    10:00   18.4%Sub Out Hannah Young
    09:41Foul by WALKER, Rebecca (P2/T14)  19.0%
    09:41   19.0%Missed Free Throw by Samantha Hill
    09:41   19.0%Deadball Rebound TEAM
    09:41 32-47VT +1522.8%Good Free Throw by Samantha Hill (4)
    09:13Good Layup by PETTY, Taylor (12) [Paint]34-47VT +1319.9%
    08:57   20.5%Missed 3-Pointer by Samantha Hill
    08:57Defensive Rebound by STOREY, Cortney  20.5%
    08:48   20.9%Foul by Chanette Hicks (P3/T16)
    08:48Good Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney (6)35-47VT +1217.1%
    08:48Good Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney (7)36-47VT +1113.7%
    08:48   13.7%Sub In Hannah Young
    08:48   13.7%Sub Out Samantha Hill
    08:33   14.1%Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    08:33   11.0%Offensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    08:25 36-50VT +1421.8%Good 3-Pointer by Hannah Young (8)
    08:25   21.8%Assisted by Chanette Hicks
    08:14Turnover by PETTY, Taylor  26.8%
    08:13   26.8%Steal by Hannah Young
    08:01   22.9%Turnover by Regan Magarity
    08:01Sub In KELLY, Aianna  22.9%
    08:01Sub In VIROLA, Salina  22.9%
    08:01Sub Out MASON, Tia  22.9%
    08:01Sub Out PETTY, Taylor  22.9%
    07:51Missed Jumper by VIROLA, Salina  23.4%
    07:51   23.4%Defensive Rebound by Chanette Hicks
    07:42   23.9%Turnover by Hannah Young
    07:42Virginia Tech 30 Second Timeout
    07:42Media Timeout
    07:19Missed 3-Pointer by WALKER, Rebecca  25.1%
    07:19Deadball Rebound Team  30.1%
    07:19   30.1%Foul by Chanette Hicks (P4/T17)
    07:19   30.1%Sub In Samantha Hill
    07:19   30.1%Sub Out Chanette Hicks
    07:04Missed Layup by VIROLA, Salina  31.2%
    07:04   31.2%Shot Blocked by Taijah Campbell
    07:02Offensive Rebound by VIROLA, Salina  31.3%
    06:54Good 3-Pointer by STOREY, Cortney (10)39-50VT +1117.5%
    06:37   18.2%Missed 3-Pointer by Hannah Young
    06:37Defensive Rebound by WALKER, Rebecca  18.2%
    06:27Missed 3-Pointer by MILES, Janie  18.7%
    06:27   18.7%Defensive Rebound by TEAM
    06:25Sub In CLIFTON, Yakima  18.8%
    06:25Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  18.8%
    06:06Foul by VIROLA, Salina (P3/T15)  19.7%
    06:06 39-51VT +1224.7%Good Free Throw by Samantha Hill (5)
    06:06   24.7%Missed Free Throw by Samantha Hill
    06:06Defensive Rebound by KELLY, Aianna  24.7%
    06:06Sub In WALKER, Rebecca  24.7%
    06:06Sub Out VIROLA, Salina  24.7%
    05:40Turnover by STOREY, Cortney  26.5%
    05:37   26.8%Missed Layup by Vanessa Panousis
    05:37Defensive Rebound by KELLY, Aianna  26.8%
    05:29Turnover by STOREY, Cortney  27.4%
    05:29Sub In PETTY, Taylor  27.4%
    05:29Sub Out KELLY, Aianna  27.4%
    05:29   27.4%Sub In Sidney Cook
    05:29   27.4%Sub In Dominique Powell
    05:29   27.4%Sub Out Regan Magarity
    05:29   27.4%Sub Out Taijah Campbell
    05:13   28.8%Missed 3-Pointer by Vanessa Panousis
    05:13   23.1%Offensive Rebound by Sidney Cook
    05:04 39-53VT +1436.3%Good Layup by Vanessa Panousis (14) [Paint]
    04:40   39.4%Foul by Dominique Powell (P2/T18)
    04:40Good Free Throw by WALKER, Rebecca (8)40-53VT +1332.2%
    04:40Missed Free Throw by WALKER, Rebecca  32.2%
    04:40Offensive Rebound by Team  39.4%
    04:39Sub In KELLY, Aianna  39.5%
    04:39Sub Out MILES, Janie  39.5%
    04:39   39.5%Sub In Regan Magarity
    04:39   39.5%Sub In Chanette Hicks
    04:39   39.5%Sub In Taijah Campbell
    04:39   39.5%Sub Out Samantha Hill
    04:39   39.5%Sub Out Sidney Cook
    04:39   39.5%Sub Out Dominique Powell
    04:35Turnover by CLIFTON, Yakima  40.1%
    04:34   40.2%Steal by Regan Magarity
    04:28   33.7%Turnover by Vanessa Panousis
    04:28   33.7%Foul by Vanessa Panousis (P2/T19)
    04:28Sub In VIROLA, Salina  33.7%
    04:28Sub Out WALKER, Rebecca  33.7%
    04:10Missed Layup by STOREY, Cortney  36.1%
    04:10   36.1%Defensive Rebound by Taijah Campbell
    03:50   39.2%Turnover by Regan Magarity
    03:50   39.2%Foul by Regan Magarity (P3/T20)
    03:50Sub In MILES, Janie  39.2%
    03:50Sub Out CLIFTON, Yakima  39.2%
    03:30   43.0%Foul by Vanessa Panousis (P3/T21)
    03:30Good Free Throw by KELLY, Aianna (2)41-53VT +1234.4%
    03:30Missed Free Throw by KELLY, Aianna  34.4%
    03:30   34.4%Defensive Rebound by Chanette Hicks
    03:13 41-55VT +1457.1%Good Jumper by Taijah Campbell (4)
    03:13   57.1%Assisted by Vanessa Panousis
    03:01Turnover by STOREY, Cortney  73.1%
    02:46Foul by KELLY, Aianna (P2/T16)  79.7%
    02:46 41-56VT +1594.1%Good Free Throw by Regan Magarity (14)
    02:46   79.7%Turnover by Hannah Young
    02:39   83.2%Foul by Taijah Campbell (P3/T22)
    02:39Missed Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney  83.2%
    02:39Deadball Rebound Team  98.3%
    02:39Good Free Throw by STOREY, Cortney (11)42-56VT +1483.2%
    02:14   98.7%Missed 3-Pointer by Hannah Young
    02:14Defensive Rebound by STOREY, Cortney  98.7%
    02:04Good Jumper by VIROLA, Salina (6) [Paint]44-56VT +1272.8%
    02:03Presbyterian 30 Second Timeout
    01:36Foul by PETTY, Taylor (P2/T17)  94.0%
    01:09   100.0%Turnover by Regan Magarity
    01:09Sub In TALLEY, Kendra  100.0%
    01:09Sub Out KELLY, Aianna  100.0%
    00:50Missed Layup by STOREY, Cortney  100.0%
    00:50Offensive Rebound by VIROLA, Salina  100.0%
    00:46Missed Jumper by VIROLA, Salina  100.0%
    00:46   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Regan Magarity
    00:25 44-58VT +14100.0%Good Layup by Vanessa Panousis (16) [Paint]
    00:25   100.0%Assisted by Hannah Young
    00:09Missed Layup by MILES, Janie  100.0%
    00:09   100.0%Defensive Rebound by Regan Magarity