December 30, 2010
Hokies wrap up competition at Southern Scuffle
Team back in action Jan. 4

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Members of the Virginia Tech wrestlers wrapped up competition Thursday at the Southern Scuffle as Ty Mitch (125 pounds), Erik Spjut (133 pounds) and Chris Moon (165 pounds) were eliminated in the consolation brackets. The other eight Hokies wrestling were eliminated Wednesday.

The team will be back in action on Jan. 4, taking on Appalachian State and Campbell on the road in Boone, N.C.

Below are the results for the 11 who participated, both attached and unattached, for Virginia Tech.

125: Ty Mitch (unattached; 3-2)
First Round: lost to Stevie Mitcheff (Kent State), 6-3
Consolations: def. Dominic Parisi (App. State), 4-0
Consolations: def. Kyle Ciccarello (Ohio), 6-2
Consolations: def. Robert Gribschaw (UNC), 8-2
Consolations: lost to Zach Huxford (George Mason), Fall 1:20

133: Erik Spjut (unattached; 5-2)
First Round: def. William Johnson (App. State), MD 11-0
Second Round: lost to Aaron Schopp (Edinboro), 4-0
Consolations: def. Tyler Sim (Citadel), 3-2
Consolations: def. Joseph Spisak (Virginia), 10-4
Consolations: def. Nick Wilcox (Bloomsburg), 5-4
Consolations: def. Anthony Comunale (Princeton), 11-7
Consolations: lost to Zac Stevens (Michigan), 4-1

141: Nick Murray (3-2)
First Round: lost to David Yost (VMI), MD 14-6
Consolations: def. Austin Brown (App. State), TF 18-2
Consolations: def. Brad Merriman (Campbell), MD 14-0
Consolations: def. Michael Crowley (UNC), Med. Forf.
Consolations: lost to Kurtis Becker (Liberty), 6-2

141: Zach Neibert (1-2)
First Round: lost to: Daniel Ownbey (UNC), 5-3
Consolations: def. Nick Heilman (UNC), MD 10-0
Consolations: lost to Rocco Wellek (UNC), Fall 6:22

157: Matt Tusick (unattached; 0-2)
First Round: lost to Jaaziah Bethea (George Mason), Fall 0:24
Consolations: lost to Jesse Stafford (Air Force), 9-3

157: Taylor Knapp (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost to Brandon Zeerip (Michigan), 7-2
Consolations: def. John Blakely (App. State), 11-4
Consolations: def. Jordan Nolan (Ohio), Fall 5:01

165: Chris Moon (3-2)
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Ryan Tompkins (Army), 4-0
Third Round: lost to Cody Yohn (Minnesota), 3-2
Consolations: def. Christopher Smith (Bloomsburg), 3-0
Consolations: def. Mason Bailey (Navy), 4-0
Consolations: lost to Kyle Blevins (App. State), 6-2

174: Angelo Malvestuto (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost to J.C. Oddo (Citadel), Fall 2:06
Consolations: def. Joseph Stafford (Air Force), 6-5
Consolations: lost to Peter Huntley (Navy), 8-3

174: Robbie Wannenburg (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost Michael Alexander (Cornell), 7-4
Consolations: def. Greg Scott (George Mason), med. forf.
Consolations: lost to Brad Darrington (Utah Valley), MD 11-2

184: John Dickson (2-2)
First Round: def. John Hartley (App. State), MD 10-2
Second Round: def. John Dommert (VMI), 6-1
Third Round: lost to Christopher Honeycutt (Edinboro), MD 13-2
Consolations: lost to Christopher Estep (Kent State), 3-1

197: Bobby Lavelle (1-2)
First Round: def. Travis Stern (Lock Haven), Fall 7:23
Second Round: lost to Shawn Fendone (Edinboro), MD 11-0
Consolations: lost to Daniel Mills (Army), 7-2

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