January 17, 2011
Three wrestlers win titles at Shorty Hitchcock Memorial
Four others place in top four

MILLERSVILLE, Pa. - Several members of the Virginia Tech wrestling squad competed Sunday at the “Shorty” Hitchcock Memorial, hosted by Millersville University. Tech had three champions and four others placed. Zach Neibert won the title at 141 pounds, going 5-0. Wrestling unattached, Ty Mitch (125 pounds) and Taylor Knapp (157 pounds) won titles at their respective weight class. Neibert had a pin in just 10 seconds, just one second off the school record of nine seconds set by Tomas Ovalle in 2004.

Angelo Malvestuto, wrestling unattached, took second place at 184 pounds after going 3-1 and Chris Moon went 5-1 to take third place at 157 pounds while Erik Spjut, wrestling unattached, took third at 133 pounds. But the most impressive performance for Tech came at 149 pounds, where Nick Murray battled back after an opening-round loss via pin to win eight straight matches to storm back and take third place. In that eight-match span, he picked up three technical falls, three major decisions and two pins.

Below are the full results for all of the Tech wrestlers who competed, both attached and unattached:

125: Ty Mitch (Unattached) - 5-0; CHAMPION
First Round: def. Ryan Renkley (USMA), MD 11-3
Second Round: def. Nate Morgan (PSU), 4-2
Quarterfinals: def. Mike Rhone (LH), 9-3
Semifinals: def. Mike Garofalo (NCC), 6-2
Championship: def. David White (USMA), 6-5

133: Tom Reynolds - 2-2
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. David Calzarette (MIL), MD 10-1
Quarterfinals: def. John Miller (NCC), 3-2
Semifinals: lost to Rob Volrath (PSU), 2-1 (SV)
Consolations: lost to Jake Bucha (FM), MD 12-4

133: Erik Spjut (Unattached) - 4-2; THIRD PLACE
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Conor Hanafee (USMA), 8-2
Quarterfinals: def. Jeremiah Biddle (Bloom), 9-3
Semifinals: lost to John Trumbeti (LH), 3-3 (TB2)
Consolations: def. Conor Hanafee (USMA), 3-2
Third-Place Match: def. Jake Bucha (FM), 4-3 (TB2)

141: Zach Neibert - 5-0; CHAMPION
First Round: def. Brad Molina (MD), Fall 1:56
Second Round: def. Nick Dragonette (Drex), Fall 2:57
Quarterfinals: def. Nick Bundy (USMA), 5-1
Semifinals: def. Kenneth Knapp (FM), Def.
Finals: def. Mark Hartsenstine (MD), 4-2 (SV)

149: Cameron Hurd - 2-2
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Dylan Smith (Leh), Fall 2:51
Quarterfinals: def. Luke Vaith (Hof), 3-1
Semifinals: lost to Jordan Beverly (Rut), 6-0
Consolations: lost to Nick Murray (VT), MD 14-2

149: Nick Murray - 8-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: Bye
Second Round: lost to Frankie Buenafonte (BCC), Fall 2:00
Consolations: def. Kyle Moran (PSU), TF 20-0 (5:40)
Consolations: def. Dan Manley (Hof), MD 12-1
Consolations: def. Shane Fenningham (Drex), Fall 4:30
Consolations: def. Luke Vaith (Hof), Fall 3:34
Consolations: def. Aaron Fly (LH), TF 17-2 (5:00)
Consolations: def. Frankie Buenafonte (BCC), TF 17-0 (4:02)
Consolations: def. Cameron Hurd (VT), MD 14-2
Third-Place Match: def. Billy Ashnault (SKWC), MD 13-2

157: Harrison Hightower (Unattached) - 3-2
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Nick Iraldi (GCC), Fall :34
Third Round: def. Alex Dahl (USMA), MD 13-1
Quarterfinals: def. Danny Orern (MD), 6-0
Semifinals: lost to Taylor Knapp (VT), 5-0
Consolations: lost to Scott Sechler (Buck), 3-1

157: Taylor Knapp (Unattached) - 5-0; CHAMPION
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Eric Norgard (FM), Fall, :10
Third Round: def. David Church (PSU), 3-0
Quarterfinals: def. Tyler Sheridan (Col), Fall 1:32
Semifinals: def. Harrison Hightower (VT), 5-0
Championship: def. Paul Hancock (USMA), 5-3

157: Matt Tusick (Unattached) - 2-2
First Round: Bye
Second Round: lost to Joseph McAuley (Rut), MD 11-3
Consolations: def. Emmanuel Encarnacion (TS), MFor.
Consolations: def. John Lindquist (Ship), 6-3
Consolations: lost to James Reilly (Ship), 6-4

165: Chris Moon - 5-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Ryan Tompkins (USMA), 6-2
Second Round: def. Anthony Bongarzone (FM), 4-2
Quarterfinals: def. Ryan Fox (NCC), MD 9-1
Semifinals: lost to Jake Vetter (USMA), 4-2
Consolations: def. Anthony Bongarzone (FM), Fall 1:53
Third Place: def. Alex Smith (USMA), 7-3

174: Nick Vetterlein - 3-2
First Round: def. Conor Black (VMI), 7-3
Second Round: lost to Brendan Ard (Rut), 7-1
Consolations: def. Robbie Wannenburg (VT), 6-1
Consolations: def. Jamie Westwood (Buck), 6-5
Consolations: lost to Shane Smith (Mil), 9-7

174: Robbie Wannenburg (Unattached) - 0-2
First Round: lost to Matt Fullowan (FM), MD 8-0
Consolations: lost to Nick Vetterlein (VT), 6-1

184: Angelo Malvestuto (Unattached) - 3-1; SECOND PLACE
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Nathan Dick (LH), Fall :56
Quarterfinals: def. Clint Morrison (Rid), 3-1
Semifinals: def. Andrew Church (PSU), 9-7
Championship: lost to Kevin Bailey (Leh), Fall 6:29

197: Bobby Lavelle (Unattached) - 1-2

First Round: def. Musa DeReese (NCC), 9-6
Quarterfinals: lost to Christian Boley (MD), 5-2
Consolations: lost to Daniel Mills (USMA), 5-2

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