November 6, 2011
    Tech dominates at Hokie Open
    Five wrestlers take titles; 11 place in top six
    Hokie Open Results

    Final Brackets in PDF Form

    SALEM, Va. - Members of the Virginia Tech wrestling squad, along with just under 300 other wrestlers from more than 20 college teams, took to the mats at the Hokie Open Sunday at the Salem Civic Center with numerous Hokies placing in their respective weight class. Five Hokies won their weight division while one placed second and two others finished third.

    Claiming titles for the Hokies were Ty Mitch (125), Devin Carter (133), Jesse Dong (157), Pete Yates (165) and David Marone (285). Nick Vetterlein finished second at 197 pounds while Erik Spjut (133) and Nick Brascetta (149, unattached) took third place. Also placing were: Matt Stephens (fourth place, 157, unattached), Nick Murray (fifth place, 149); John Dickson (sixth place, 184).

    The team will be back in action next weekend, competing in the Wolfpack Open, hosted by NC State.

    Below are the results for all of the Tech wrestlers, both attached and unattached. Unattached wrestlers’ results do not count toward official season results, but do toward NCAA qualification and matches against non-college competitors (NRVWC for example) do not count for official season results nor toward NCAA qualification. Matches against non-Division I wrestlers do not count toward NCAA qualification, either, but do count toward official season results.

    125: Jarrod Garnett (unattached) - 1-1
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Vince Rodriguez (GMU), TF 15-0
    Quarterfinals: lost to Dominic Parisi (AppSt), Pin 6:50
    Consolations: Forfeit (withdrew)

    125: Ty Mitch - 4-0; CHAMPION
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Zachary Isenhour (GMU), MD 10-2
    Quarterfinals: def. Antonio Gravely (AppSt), 7-6
    Semifinals: def. Greg Rinker (USAFA), MD 14-4
    Finals: def. Dominic Parisi (AppSt), 4-3

    125: Erik Spjut - 5-1; THIRD PLACE
    First Round: def. Angelo Disabato (Ohio), TF 22-7
    Second Round: def. Cole Hayes (Chattanooga), MD 10-1
    Quarterfinals: lost to Greg Rinker (USAFA), 8-6
    Consolations: def. Vince Rodriguez (GMU), 3-2
    Consolations: def. Richard Alarcon (Citadel), 4-0
    Third-Place Match: def. Jake Corrill (UNC), 4-2

    133: Devin Carter - 4-0; CHAMPION
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Joseph Martinez (VA), Pin 4:16
    Quarterfinals: def. Dylan Hyder (USAFA), TF 24-8
    Semifinals: def. Nick Soto (Chattanooga), Pin 6:53
    Finals: def. Brandon Gambucci (Duke), Pin 2:11

    133: Jordan O'Donnell - 3-2
    First Round: lost to Brett Boston (AppSt), 15-9
    Consolations: def. Ryan McCall (King), Pin 4:23
    Consolations: def. Ryan Goodsell (VMI), 8-6
    Consolations: def. Ben Choate (ODU), 4-3
    Consolations: lost to D’Marcus Spencer (King), Pin 4:39

    149: Nick Brascetta (unattached) - 7-1; THIRD PLACE
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Christian Barber (UNC), 8-3
    Third Round: lost to Deral Brown (Newberry), 4-2
    Consolations: def. Pete Baldwin (ODU), 9-3
    Consolations: def. Andrew Romanchik (Ohio), MD 15-7
    Consolations: def. Ryan Medved (G-W), 5-4
    Consolations: def. Lex Ozias (VT), 6-4
    Consolations: def. Deral Brown (Newberry), 3-2
    Third-Place Match: def. Savva Kostis (AppSt), 8-6 (SV)

    149: Chris Mears - 3-2
    First Round: def. Robert Leffew (Liberty), Pin 4:15
    Second Round: lost to Kelly Felix (Chattanooga), 14-7
    Consolations: def. Rocco Wellek (UNC), 6-3
    Consolations: def. Nic Stella (King), 7-2
    Consolations: lost to Matt Nereim (NCSU), Pin 7:59

    149: Nick Murray - 4-2; FIFTH PLACE
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Mike Bakuckus (GMU), 4-1
    Third Round: def. Thomas Gantt (NCSU), 12-7
    Quarterfinals: def. Ryan Medved (G-W), 10-4
    Semifinals: lost to Jon Burns (NC), 5-1
    Consolations: lost to Savva Kostis (AppSt), MD 15-7
    Fifth-Place Match: def. Deral Brown (Newberry), 4-3

    149: Lex Ozias (unattached) - 4-2
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Rocco Wellek (UNC), 6-2
    Third Round: lost to Kelly Felix (Chattanooga), 8-7
    Consolations: def. David Wesley (VA), 6-5
    Consolations: def. Mike Bakuckus (GMU), 7-1
    Consolations: win by forfeit
    Consolations: lost to Nick Brascetta (VT), 6-4

    157: Jesse Dong - 4-0; CHAMPION
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Pierre Frazile (Citadel), 6-0
    Quarterfinals: def. Chad Strube (NRVWC), MD 15-4
    Semifinals: def. Blaise Butler (VA), Pin 2:30
    Finals: def. John Nicholson (ODU), TF 15-0

    157: Cameron Hurd - 1-2
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: lost to Blaise Butler (VA), 5-4
    Consolations: def. Alec Williams (USAFA), 10-7
    Consolations: lost to Dan Waddell (Chattanooga), 5-4

    157: Matt Stephens (unattached) - 4-2; FOURTH PLACE
    First Round: def. Spartak Chino (Ohio), 5-2
    Second Round: def. Colton Palmer (NCSU), MD 9-1
    Quarterfinals: lost to John Nicholson (ODU), MD 13-4
    Consolations: def. Pierre Frazile (Citadel), 4-3
    Consolations: def. Harrison Hightower (Ohio), MD 9-0
    Consolations: lost to Corey Mock (UNC), MD 15-5

    165: Isaah Meade - 2-2
    First Round: lost to Kyle Blevins (AppSt), MD 12-4
    Consolations: def. John Sturgill (Liberty), MD 14-3
    Consolations: def. Mark Busse (Liberty), 8-2
    Consolations: lost to Justin Guthrie (G-W), 3-1

    165: Pete Yates - 5-0; CHAMPION
    First Round: def. Colby Kluesner (USAFA), TF 19-3
    Second Round: def. Mark Busse (Liberty), TF 16-1
    Quarterfinals: def. Miles Chapman (Liberty), MD 16-3
    Semifinals: def. Miles Chapman (Ohio), 4-2
    Finals: def. Kyle Kiss (UNC), 6-1

    174: Austin Gabel (unattached) - 2-2
    First Round: def. Marcus Johnson (ODU), 4-1
    Second Round: lost to Turtogtokh Luvsandorj (Citadel), 4-2
    Consolations: def. Vincent Waldhauser (VA), 5-2
    Consolations: lost to Michael Duckworth (Ohio), 6-5

    184: John Dickson - 2-1; SIXTH PLACE
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Royal Brettrager (Liberty), 3-2
    Quarterfinals: def. Antonio Giorgio (UNC), 4-3
    Semifinals: lost to Austin Trotman (AppSt), 5-3
    Consolations: Forfeit (withdrew)

    197: Nick Vetterlein - 4-1; SECOND PLACE
    First Round: def. Karl Reed (Newberry), Pin 1:49
    Second Round: def. Zachary Nye (VA), 11-5
    Quarterfinals: def. Niko Brown (Chattanooga), 10-6
    Semifinals: def. Derrick Borlie (NRVWC), Inj. Def.
    Finals: lost to Joe Budi (ODU), 8-6

    285: Dan Garwood - 2-2
    First Round: def. Jeffrey Crawford (King), 2-1 (TB2)
    Second Round: lost to Andy Hartshorn (Ohio), TF 17-2
    Consolations: win by forfeit
    Consolations: lost to Dondricus Anderson (King), 3-2

    285: Bobby Lavelle (unattached) - 2-2
    First Round: def. Dondricus Anderson (King), 4-2
    Second Round: def. Matt Tourdot (ODU), MD 10-1
    Quarterfinals: lost to Patrick Gillen (VA), 9-3
    Consolations: lost to Danny Davis (ODU), 3-1

    285: David Marone - 4-0; CHAMPION
    First Round: Bye
    Second Round: def. Grant Chapman (ODU), Pin 4:37
    Quarterfinals: def. Andrew Fulk (Duke), 8-4
    Semifinals: def. Andy Hartshorn (Ohio), 9-3
    Finals: def. Jeremy Johnson (Ohio), 3-1

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