March 13, 2012
Six Hokies ready for NCAA Championships
Carter, Yates enter tournament as No. 6 seeds at respective weight class

Flip card of notes on the Tech wrestlers competing in PDF format

BLACKSBURG - Six members of the Virginia Tech wrestling squad will head to St. Louis to compete in the 2012 NCAA Championships, which begin Thursday and run through Saturday at the Scottrade Center. Devin Carter (133 pounds) and Pete Yates (165 pounds) each earned No. 6 seeds at their respective weight classes while Erik Spjut (125 pounds), Zach Neibert (141 pounds), Nick Brascetta (149 pounds) and Chris Moon (174 pounds) are all unseeded at their weight class.

Action will begin on Thursday at noon Eastern time (11 a.m. local) with the first session. All six Tech wrestlers (and all 330 total wrestlers) will take to the eight mats as their journey begins to a possible national title or All-America honors. The second session begins Thursday evening at 7:30 Eastern (6:30 p.m. local) with the second round and consolation bouts. On Friday, Session III begins at 11 a.m. Eastern (10 a.m. local) with wrestlebacks and quarterfinal bouts and Session IV starts at 7 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. local) on six mats with semifinal bouts and wrestlebacks. On Saturday, Session V features wrestleback semifinals and medal matches on three mats starting at 11 a.m. Eastern (10 a.m. local) and the final session will feature the 10 championship bouts live at 7:30 p.m. Eastern (6:30 p.m. local).

Both of Thursday’s sessions will be broadcast on ESPN3, an online production. Both of Friday’s sessions and Saturday’s first session will be shown live on ESPNU, and also on ESPN3. The championships will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN3. The on-air talent will be Adam Amin, Tim Johnson, Anthony Robles and Quint Kessenich.

Below are Tech’s first-round matchups, along with potential second-match opponents. Below that are the records and results of each Tech competitor going against the NCAA field at their weight class.

125: Erik Spjut
First Round: vs. #6 seed Frank Perelli (Cornell)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #11 Matthew Snyder (VA)/Johnni DiJulius (Ohio St.)

133: #6 seed Devin Carter
First Round: vs. Nathan McCormick (Missouri)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of [#11 Steven Keith (Harvard)/Geoffrey Alexander (MD)]/Jordan Keller (Oklahoma)

141: Zach Neibert
First Round: vs. #10 seed Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #7 Nick Nelson (VA)/Mike Kessler (Appalachian St.)

149: Nick Brascetta
First Round: vs. #9 seed David Hobat (Edinboro)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #8 Eric Grajales (Michigan)/Stephen Robertson (Penn)

165: #6 seed Pete Yates
First Round: vs. Dallas Bailey (Oklahoma St.)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #11 Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh)/James Brundage (Rider)

174: Chris Moon
First Round: vs. #2 seed ChrisPerry (Oklahoma St.)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg)/Curran Jacobs (MSU)

125: Erik Spjut (27-13 Overall; 2-9 vs. NCAA Field)
11/6 vs. Vince Rodriguez (George Mason); Hokie Open; W, 3-2
11/13 vs. Coltin Fought (NC State); Wolfpack Open; L, 4-3
12/4 vs. Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State); Nittany Lion Open; L, 3-2
12/29 vs. Matt McDonough (Iowa); Midlands; L, 11-5
12/29 vs. Garret Frey (Princeton); Midlands; L, 14-7
1/8 vs. Shane Gentry (Maryland); Dual; L, 6-3
1/27 vs. Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma); Dual; L, 8-2
1/29 vs. Jerome Robinson (Old Dominion); Dual; W, 3-1
2/12 vs. Matt McDonough (Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 16-5 (MD)
3/3 vs. Shane Gentry (Maryland); ACC Championships; L, 2-0
3/3 vs. Coltin Fought (NC State); ACC Championships; L, 4-2

133: Devin Carter (30-3 Overall; 8-3 vs. NCAA Field)
11/6 vs. Nick Soto (Chattanooga); Hokie Open; W, Fall, 6:53
11/13 vs. Matt Nelson (Virginia); Wolfpack Open; W, 12-6
11/20 vs. Logan Steiber (Ohio State); Dual; L, 6-1
11/27 vs. Matt Nelson (Virginia); Dual; W, 11-5
12/29 vs. Mason Beckman (Lehigh); Midlands; W, 17-7 (MD)
12/29 vs. Ryan Mango (Stanford); Midlands; W, 11-5
12/30 vs. AJ Schopp (Edinboro); Midlands; W, 17-7 (MD)
12/30 vs. Tony Ramos (Iowa); Midlands; W, 6-4 (SV)
1/8 vs. Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland); Dual; W, 23-10 (MD)
1/27 vs. Jordan Keller (Oklahoma); Dual; W, 8-4
2/12 vs. Joe Colon (Northern Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 13-3 (MD)
2/12 vs. Tony Ramos (Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 3-2
3/3 vs. Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland); ACC Championships; W, 17-9 (MD)

141: Zach Neibert (20-10 Overall; 7-9 vs. NCAA Field)
11/20 vs. Hunter Steiber (Ohio State); Dual; L, 7-6
11/27 vs. Nick Nelson (Virginia); Dual; L, 10-5
12/30 vs. Zack Kemmerer (Penn); Midlands; W, 12-5
12/30 vs. Luke Goettl (Iowa State); Midlands; W, 9-8
12/30 vs. Adam Krop (Princeton); Midlands; L, 5-4
1/13 vs. Luke Goettl (Iowa State); Dual; L, 6-2
1/15 vs. Darrius Little (NC State); Dual; L, 6-2
1/21 vs. Tanner Hough (Duke); Dual; W, 9-3
1/22 vs. Evan Henderson (North Carolina); Dual; W, Fall, 4:39
1/27 vs. Kendric Maple (Oklahoma); Dual; L, 13-1 (MD)
2/12 vs. Levi Wolfensperger (Northern Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); W, 10-2 (MD)
2/12 vs. Montell Marion (Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 13-2 (MD)
2/19 vs. Matt Mariacher (American); Dual; L, Fall, 4:47
3/3 vs. Darrius Little (NC State); ACC Championships; L, 7-3
3/3 vs. Evan Henderson (North Carolina); ACC Championships; W, 9-6
3/3 vs. Tanner Hough (Duke); ACC Championships; W, 3-0

149: Nick Brascetta (9-3 Overall; 3-1 vs. NCAA Field)
11/20 vs. Cam Tessari (Ohio State); Dual; L, 6-4
1/27 vs. Nick Lester (Oklahoma); Dual; W, 5-3 (SV)
2/19 vs. Kevin Tao (American); Dual; W, 8-4
3/3 vs. Matt Nereim (NC State); ACC Championships; W, 8-4

165: Pete Yates (22-5 Overall; 10-5 vs. NCAA Field)
11/27 vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia); Dual; W, 8-2
12/1 vs. Kyle Blevins (Appalachian State); Dual; L, 6-5
12/4 vs. Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo); Nittany Lion Open; W, 12-3 (MD)
12/4 vs. David Taylor (Penn State); Nittany Lion Open; L, Fall, 4:40
12/4 vs. Josh Asper (Maryland); Nittany Lion Open; W, Forfeit
12/29 vs. Chris Lear (Bucknell); Midlands; W, Fall 0:46
12/29 vs. Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh); Midlands; W, Default
12/30 vs. Bubby Graham (Oklahoma); Midlands; W, 4-2
1/8 vs. Josh Asper (Maryland); Dual; L; 5-4
1/13 vs. Andrew Sorenson (Iowa State); Dual; L, 17-4 (MD)
1/22 vs. Kyle Kiss (North Carolina); Dual; W, 9-0 (MD)
1/29 vs. Tristan Warner (Old Dominion); Dual; W, 9-2
2/12 vs. Mike Evans (Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 9-0 (MD)
3/3 vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia); ACC Championships; W, 8-5
3/3 vs. Josh Asper (Maryland); ACC Championships; W, 6-4 (SV)

174: Chris Moon (19-13 Overall; 2-7 vs. NCAA Field)
11/13 vs. Quinton Godley (NC State); Wolfpack Open; L, 3-1
11/20 vs. Nick Heflin (Ohio State); Dual; L, 6-2
1/8 vs. Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland); Dual; L, 10-2 (MD)
1/15 vs. Quinton Godley (NC State); Dual; L, 5-2
1/27 vs. Nolan McBryde (Oklahoma); Dual; W, 5-1
1/29 vs. Te Edwards (Old Dominion); Dual; L, 4-2
2/12 vs. Ethan Lofthouse (Iowa); Dual (NWCA National Duals); L, 13-3 (MD)
3/3 vs. Quinton Godley (NC State); ACC Championships; W, 3-1 (SV)
3/3 vs. Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland); ACC Championships; L, 10-2 (MD)

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