November 4, 2012
Carter, Yates take titles at Hokie Open
Garnett, Gabel place second; Eight others place in top eight
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SALEM, Va. - Pete Yates and Devin Carter both went undefeated in their respective weight classes en route to individual titles at the Hokie Open Sunday at the Salem Civic Center. The event, hosted for the fifth year by the Virginia Tech wrestling program, hosted nearly 350 wrestlers from all across the country in a competitive day of action on the mats.

Yates crossed a milestone Sunday with his third-round win over Appalachian State’s Zack Strickland. The victory gave him 100 wins for his career, making him just the sixth Hokie wrestler in program history to reach the 100-win plateau. He now sits with 102 wins total for his career after going 5-0 at 165 pounds on the day with a pair of major decisions, a pair of technical falls and a pin.

Carter, wrestling unattached because he is scheduled to redshirt, also went undefeated at 141 pounds.

Jarrod Garnett finished second at 125 pounds, falling 10-9 in the finals of his weight class. He should be the next to join the 100-win club as he now has 97 wins after three victories Sunday. Jesse Dong, who did not wrestle Sunday, has 86 wins for his career. Redshirt freshman Austin Gabel also took second place after going 4-1 at 174 pounds.

Also placing for Tech were: Erik Spjut (third at 133 pounds), Zach Neibert (fifth at 141 pounds), Nick Brascetta (third at 149 pounds), Huston Evans (sixth at 174 pounds), Nick Vetterlein (fourth at 184 pounds) and Derrick Borlie (fifth at 197 pounds). Wrestling unnatached, the following Tech wrestlers placed: Chad Strube (sixth at 149 pounds) and Chris Penny (fourth at heavyweight).

Several of Tech’s wrestlers will compete in the Wolfpack Open next weekend in Raleigh, N.C. The team will open its dual meet schedule the following weekend, hosting No. 5 Ohio State on Friday, Nov. 16 and then Wisconsin and Manchester on Sunday, Nov. 18.

Updated season records can be found here. Of note, results against Division II or III competitors, as well as forfeit wins, count toward season and career results, but not toward NCAA qualification while results against unattached competitors count toward season and career results, and can count toward NCAA qualification if they are on an NCAA roster. Forfeit losses do not count as losses against a wrestler or in NCAA qualifications. Injury defaults, both wins and losses, count toward season stats and NCAA qualification.

Additionally, new this year, an updated record book for Virginia Tech wrestling can be found here. Full brackets can be downloaded from the link up top.

125: #6 Jarrod Garnett [#1 seed] (3-1; SECOND PLACE)
First Round: def. Josh Martinez (AFA), MD 12-4
Quarterfinals: def. Nathan Kraisser (UNC), 10-4
Semifinals: def. Joe Duca (Indiana), Fall 2:23
Finals: lost to #14 Nick Soto (UTC), 10-9

125: Matt Peters (1-2)
First Round: lost to Jeff Vesta (Newberry), 7-3
Consolations: def. Anthony Giancola (Rutgers), MD 11-3
Consolations: lost to Brian Bokoski (UNC), 7-3

133: Michael Gowen (0-2)
First Round: lost to Evan Botwin (Unattached), MD 11-1
Consolations: lost to Marvin Lopez (UTC), 5-0

133: Jordan O'Donnell (2-2)
First Round: def. Justin Branahm (Unattached), MD, 12-3
Second Round: lost to Pat Owens (UNC), 3-1
Consolations: def. Brett Boston (AppSt), Inj. Def. (led 7-3)
Consolations: lost to Joseph Martinez (Unattached), 7-6

133: Erik Spjut [#2 seed] (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. JakeSmith (AppSt), 5-0
Second Round: def. Quinton Murphy (Indiana), 6-4
Third Round: def. Aaron Hansen (Citadel), MD 13-4
Semifinals: lost to Joey Ward (UNC), 4-2 (TB)
Third-Place Match: def. Pat Owens (UND), 4-1

141: #9 Zach Neibert [#2 seed] (4-1; FIFTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Nick Heilmann (UNC), 4-2
Second Round: lost to Undrakhbayer Khishgnyam (Citadel), 3-1
Consolations: def. Tanner Hough (Duke), 6-4
Consolations: def. Joey Moon (UNC), 6-3
Fifth-Place Match: def. Trevor Melde (Rutgers), MD 9-1

149: Nick Brascetta [#4 seed] (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. Chris Mears (UNC), MD 12-4
Second Round: def. Jared Presley (UTC), MD 18-6
Third Round: def. Tywan Claxton (King), 8-1
Semifinals: lost to #12 Cole VonOhlen (AFA), 4-2
Third-Place Match: def. #19 Mario Mason (Rutgers), 2-1

157: David Bergida (0-2)
First Round: lost to Jeremy Miller (King), 5-0
Second Round: lost to Dan Igel (W&L), 9-5

157: Lex Ozias [#5 seed] (1-2)
First Round: def. Andrew DeHart (Duke), MD 11-3
Second Round: lost to Matt Firsch (Citadel), 7-5
Consolations: lost to Gabe Martinez (AFA), 11-5

165: Brooks Morrison (1-2)
First Round: def. Michael Wright (Unattached), MD 13-3
Second Round: lost to Josh Condon (UTC), 8-2
Consolations: lost to Van Grimes (VMI), 7-3

165: #5 Pete Yates [#1 seed] (5-0; CHAMPION)
First Round: def. Randy Roden (Duke), TF 16-0
Second Round: def. Sawyer Morris (Indiana), TF 17-0
Third Round: def. Zack Strickland (AppSt), MD 10-1
Semifinals: def. Josh Condon (UTC), Fall 1:58
Finals: def. Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana), MD 8-0

174: Huston Evans [#8 seed] (3-2; SIXTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Frank Affronti (Unattached), 11-7
Second Round: def. Dyvon Passmore (King), 12-5
Third Round: lost to Greg Zanetti (Rutgers), 7-0
Consolations: def. Frank Abbondanza (UNC), Fall 1:52
Fifth-Place Match: lost to Jake Young (UTC), 5-1

174: Austin Gabel [#6 seed] (4-1; SECOND PLACE)
First Round: def. Joe Pittman (Unattached), 6-4
Second Round: def. Jesse Masters (King), TF 16-1
Third Round: def. Jake Young (UTC), 2-1 (TB-1)
Semifinals: def. Levi Clemons (UTC), MD 9-1
Finals: lost to #13 Greg Zanetti (Rutgers), 4-2

184: Sam Law (3-2)
First Round: def. Aaron Smith (AppSt), 7-6
Second Round: lost to Alex Utley (UNC), 4-0
Consolations: def. Joshua Tuck (Citadel), 6-0
Consolations: def. John Shrader (UTC), 6-0
Consolations: lost to Mitch Brown (Newberry), Fall :39

184: Nick Vetterlein [#4 seed] (2-2; FOURTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Jared Holliday (Newberry), MD 15-3
Second Round: def. Mitch Brown (Newberry), 5-4
Semifinals: lost to #13 Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers), 3-1
Third-Place Match: lost to Turtogtokh Luvsandorj (Citadel), 7-5

197: Derrick Borlie [#2 seed] (4-1; FIFTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Kyle O’Donnell (Ohio), MD 13-3
Second Round: lost to Connor Hartmann (Duke), 5-2
Consolations: def. Hayden Hrymack (Rutgers), MD 13-3
Consolations: def. Darren Hankins (VT), 7-2
Consolations: def. Josh Mohr (AFA), 10-4

197: Darren Hankins (2-2)
First Round: lost to Josh Mohr (AFA), 4-0
Consolations: def. Urayoan Garcia (VMI), 7-6
Consolations: def. Brian Self (Duke), 5-3
Consolations: lost to Derrick Borlie (VT), 7-2

197: Bobby Lavelle (3-2)
First Round: def. Cameron King (Unattached), 9-2
Second Round: lost to Dan Seidenberg (Rutgers), MD 12-0
Consolations: def. Blake Salyer (G-W), 7-4
Consolations: def. Jared Johnson (UTC), 3-1
Consolations: lost to Josh Mohr (AFA), MD 15-5

285: Dan Garwood (1-2)
First Round: def. Matt Wade (Newberry), 3-1
Second Round: lost to Odie Delaney (Citadel), 4-0
Consolations: lost to Travis Porter (G-W), 4-2

The following Hokies competed unattached, meaning they did not represent Virginia Tech and their results do not count toward season stats. For those scheduled to redshirt, their results while wrestling unattached would count toward NCAA qualification should the redshirt be pulled later in the season. Here are their results from Sunday:

141: Devin Carter [#1 seed] (4-0; CHAMPION)
First Round: def. Acton Pifer (AppSt), Fall 1:55
Second Round: def. Tyler Hunt (NCSU), TF 24-9
Semifinals: def. #20 Evan Henderson (UNC), MD 16-7
Finals: def. Undrakhbayer Khishgnyam (Citadel), 6-5

149: Chad Strube (7-3; SIXTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Matt Howell (W&L), MD 12-0
Second Round: lost to Cole VonOhlen (AFA), 11-4
Consolations: def. Luke Rigolioso (Rutgers), 7-5
Consolations: def. Cory Goshkagarian (Hofstra), 4-2
Consolations: def. Alex Hudson (UTC), Fall 2:26
Consolations: def. Matthew Spataro (Hofstra), Fall 4:50
Consolations: def. Tywan Claxton (King), MD 14-0
Consolations: def. Christian Barber (UNC), 9-8
Fifth-Place Match: lost to Gus Sake (Unattached), 4-0

157: Matt Stephens [#3 seed] (5-2)
First Round: lost to Alex Medved (G-W), 3-2
Consolations: def. Michael Burnett (VMI), 8-2
Consolations: def. Seiji Borja (Newberry), 12-5
Consolations: def. Jeremy Miller (King), MD 13-3
Consolations: def. Jay Lysne (Hofstra), Fall 1:55
Consolations: def. Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers), Inj. Def.
Consolations: lost to Taylor Knapp (Newberry), MD 14-6

165: Issah Meade (0-2)
First Round: lost to Eric White (Unattached), 10-6
Consolations: lost to Kenneth Radford (Citadel), 3-1

165: Chris Moon [#3 seed] (3-2)
First Round: def. Brian Dorsey (Unattached), 8-1
Second Round: def. Chase Boontjer (Unattached), TF 15-0
Third Round: def. Michael Staudenmayer (UNC), 4-3
Semifinals: lost to Ryan Leblanc (Indiana), Fall :26
Third-Place Match: lost to Josh Condon (UTC), 9-6

174: John Dickson [#7 seed] (3-2)
First Round: def. Jack Duane (Citadel), 5-2
Second Round: def. Steve Ramos (NCSU), 12-5
Third Round: lost to Levi Clemons (UTC), 8-4
Consolations: def. Joe Pittman (Unattached), 8-2
Consolations: lost to Jake Young (UTC), 10-3

285: Chris Penny [#4 seed] (3-2; FOURTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Jimmy Trull (Unattached), 8-4
Second Round: def. Andrew Lutterloh (King), 9-3
Third Round: def. Kevin Malone (UTC), 5-4
Semifinals: lost to Nick Gwiazdowski (NCSU), 5-3
Third-Place Match: lost to Odie Delaney (Citadel), 6-2

285: Ty Walz (4-2)
First Round: def. Travis Porter (G-W), 3-2
Second Round: lost to Kevin Malone (UTC), 7-1
Consolations: def. Zeal McGrew (Hofstra), 3-1
Consolations: def. Dawson Peck (Unattached), 3-1
Consolations: def. Brentley Alsup (AFA), 5-3
Consolations: lost to Billy Smith (Rutgers), 5-3

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