December 29, 2012
Four Hokies advance to semifinals at Midlands
Action concludes Sunday in Illinois

Evanston, Ill. - Twelve members of the Virginia Tech wrestling team began competition today at the 50th Annual Ken Kraft Midlands Championships on Saturday at Welsh-Ryan Arena on the campus of Northwestern University. After day one of competition, the Hokies sit in second place with 61.0 points, 0.5 points behind Illinois.

Eight of the 12 Hokies competing drew seeds, with Jarrod Garnett (125), Devin Carter (141) and Pete Yates (165) each drawing the No. 2 seed in their weight classes. Other seeded Hokies were Zach Neibert (seventh at 141), Nick Brascetta (fourth at 149), Jesse Dong (sixth at 157), Austin Gabel (12th at 174) and David Marone (12th at 285).

Still alive in the championship brackets are Garnett, Carter, Brascetta and Yates. The four will compete in tomorrow's semifinals while Neibert, Dong, Borlie and Marone remain alive in the consolation bracket.

The Hokies put on a dominant display on the day, recording six falls, two 15-0 tech falls and seven major decisions. Tech's seven remaining competitors is the most of any squad in the field along with Illinois.

Below are results for day one competition from the Hokie wrestlers. Session III begins tomorrow at 1 p.m.

125: #2 Seed Jarrod Garnett
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Eric Coufal (Nebraska), Fall 3:50
Third Round: def. Tyler Iwamura (CSU Bakersfield), 9-3
Quarterfinals: def. Joe Roth (Central Michigan), 5-2
Semifinals: #3 seed Cory Clark (Una-Iowa) - SUNDAY

141: #2 Seed Devin Carter (unattached)
First Round: def. Seth Schaner (Eastern Michigan), MD 17-6
Second Round: def. Travis Shaffer (Pitt), Fall 3:21
Third Round: def. Tom Kelliher (Wisconsin), Fall 1:13
Quarterfinals: def. #10 seed CJ Cobb (Penn), 8-6
Semifinals: #3 BJ Futrell (Illinois) - SUNDAY

141: #7 Seed Zach Neibert
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Mark Erickson (North Dakota State), MD 8-0
Third Round: lost to #10 seed CJ Cobb (Penn), 3-2
Consolations: def. Matt Bystol (Columbia), TF 15-0; 3:53
Consolations: def. Scott Mattingly (Central Michigan), MD 12-0
Consolations: #8 seed Justin Tsirtsis (Northwestern) - SUNDAY

149: #4 Seed Nick Brascetta
First Round: def. Dalton Kelley (CSU Bakersfield), MD 10-1
Second Round: def. Bart Reiter (Northern Iowa), 4-0
Third Round: def. Christian Barber (North Carolina), MD 11-3
Quarterfinals: def. 5 seed Nick Lester (Oklahoma), 5-2
Semifinals: #1 seed Montell Marion (Unattached) - SUNDAY

157: #6 Seed Jesse Dong
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois), Fall 1:39
Third Round: def. Ian Miller (Kent State), Fall 6:40
Quarterfinals: lost to #3 seed Joey Napoli (Lehigh), 6-3
Consolations: #5 seed RJ Pena (Oregon State) - SUNDAY

165: #2 Seed Pete Yates
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Austin Wilson (Nebraska), MD 14-3
Third Round: def. Alex Elder (Oregon State), TF 15-0; 3:07
Quarterfinals: def. Jackson Morse (Una-Illinois), 7-6
Semifinals: #3 seed Bubby Graham (Oklahoma) - SUNDAY

165: Chris Moon (unattached) - 1-2; ELIMINATED
First Round: def. Curtis Cook (Utah Valley), 5-4
Second Round: lost to #1 seed Bekzod Abdurakhmnov (Clarion), 12-5
Consolations: lost John Michael Staudenmayer (North Carolina), Fall 4:05

174: #12 Seed Austin Gabel - 2-2; ELIMINATED
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Zac Cardwell (Oregon State), 6-1
Third Round: lost to #5 seed Stephen West (Columbia), 3-1; SV1
Consolations: def. Austin Morehead (Oregon State) MD, 16-8
Consolations: lost to Mikey England (Iowa State), 8-4

184: Nick Vetterlein - 2-2 ELIMINATED
First Round: lost to #1 seed Robert Hamlin (Leigh), 10-4
Consolations: def. Greg Wilson (Oklahoma), 15-8
Consolations: def. Matt Gile (UW Park), 5-4; SV1
Consolations: lost to #12 seed Ty Vinson (Oregon State), 10-8

197: Derrick Borlie
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Christian Boley (Maryland), 6-3
Third Round: lost to #9 seed Max Huntley (Michigan), 3-1
Consolations: def. John Bolich (Lehigh), 6-3
Consolations: def. Donald McNeil (Rider), 6-2

285: #12 Seeded David Marone
First Round: def. Evan Knutson (North Dakota State), 6-2
Second Round: def. Justin Dozier (Michigan), 3-2
Third Round: lost to #5 seed Adam Chalfant (Indiana), 3-1; SV1
Consolations: def. Paul Snyder (Hofstra), 6-4
Consolations: def. Phil Catrucco (Clarion), 6-2

285: Chris Penny (unattached) - 1-2; ELIMINATED
First Round: lost to Chris Lopez (Illinois), 2-1; TB1
Consolations: def. Cody Klempay (North Carolina), Fall 1:26
Consolations: lost to Dallas Brown (Maryland), 5-2

Wilkes Open results (Dec. 28)

141: Michael Gowen - 0-2
First Round: lost to David Charles (Millersville), MD 12-2
Consolations: lost to Alex Gosch (Messiah), 8-7

157: Chad Strube (unattached) - 4-0; CHAMPION
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Connor Sutton (Columbia), Fall 2:20
Quarterfinals: def. Seth Hazleton (UNA-Princeton), 7-2
Semifinals: def. Steven Leshinger (UNA-Princeton), Default
Championship: def. Anthony Perrotti (UNA-Rutgers), 11-6

157: David Bergida - 2-2
First Round: def. Kalann Washington (Messiah), 10-4
Second Round: def. Adam DeJesus (Nassau CC), 7-4
Quarterfinals: lost to Steven Leshinger (UNA-Princeton), 3-2
Consolations: lost to Brandon Arnsberger (UNA-Bloomsburg), MD 13-3

157: Matt Stephens (unattached) - 4-2; FIFTH PLACE
First Round: def. Ben Wise (Messiah), Tech Fall 20-5
Second Round: def. Stephen Turner (Wilkes), Fall 2:08
Quarterfinals: def. Zac Wawrzyniak-Bush (Millersville), Fall 2:46
Semifinals: lost to Anthony Perrotti (UNA-Rutgers), 10-5
Consolations: lost to Seth Hazelton (UNA-Princeton), 9-4
Consolations: def. Steven Leshinger (UNA-Princeton), Medical

157: Sal Mastriani (unattached) - 6-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Anthony Herring (Nassau CC), MD 15-2
Second Round: def. Kyle Roddy (UNA-Princeton), 14-8
Quarterfinals: lost to Anthony Perrotti (UNA-Rutgers), Fall 2:54
Consolations: def. Phillip Racciato (Wilkes), MD 17-4
Consolations: def. Connor Sutton (Columbia), 7-4
Consolations: def. Steven Leshinger (UNA-Princeton), MD 15-4
Consolations: def. Seth Hazleton (UNA-Princeton), MD 12-4

174: Huston Evans - 7-1; FIFTH PLACE
First Round: def. Adam Fondale (Columbia), 3-2
Second Round: lost to Elliot Riddick (Leigh), 10-5
Consolations: def. Zach Pincus (Millersville), MD 15-3
Consolations: def. Stephan Cannon (Messiah), Fall 3:52
Consolations: def. Rrok Ndokag (UNA-Bloomsburg), Medical
Consolations: def. Dymere Rappa (Gloucester CC), Medical
Consolations: def. Doug Hamann (Rutgers), 6-4
Consolations: def. Phillip Bakuckas (UNA-Rutgers), 6-3

184: John Dickson (unattached) - 2-2; FIFTH PLACE
First Round: Bye
Quarterfinals: def. Tyler Hoover (Millersville), 7-2
Semifinals: lost to Travis McKillop (Pittsburgh-Johnstown), 5-3
Consolations: lost to Chris Jastrzebski (UNA-Maryland), Fall 3:40
Consolations: def. Eric Bach (Wilkes), 8-1

197: Bobby LaVelle (unattached) - 4-0; CHAMPION
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Michael Mirra (UNA-Bloomsburg), 8-4
Quarterfinals: def. David Oberrender (Wilkes), Fall 5:48
Semifinals: def. Dave Quackenbos (Lehigh), 5-2
Championship: def. Matthew Transue (Wilkes), 7-2

197: Darren Hankins - 1-2
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Joel Suter (Millersville), Default
Quarterfinals: lost to Nikos Garofola (Pittsburgh-Johnstown), 7-6
Consolations: lost to Michael Mirra (UNA-Bloomsburg), 3-1; SV

285: Ty Walz (unattached) - 3-1; SECOND PLACE
First Round: def. James Sturdivant (UNA-Millersville), Fall 5:35
Quarterfinals: def. Mahalo Camba (Glocester CC), 3-2
Semifinals: def. Yaseen Mudassar (Nassau CC), 4-2; SV
Championship: lost to Spencer Myers (UNA-Maryland), 4-1

285: Dan Garwood - 3-2; FOURTH PLACE
First Round: def. Bradley Ladd (Millersville), 4-3
Quarterfinals: def. Michael Shannon (Wilkes), 10-3
Semifinals: lost to Spencer Myers (UNA-Maryland), Fall 1:39
Consolations: def. Josh Duplin (Pittsburgh-Johnstown), 3-1
Consolations: lost to Yaseen Mudassar (Nassau CC), 2-1

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