March 19, 2013
Ten Hokies ready for NCAA Championships
Action kicks off Thursday in Des Moines
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BLACKSBURG ( - A school-record 10 members of the Virginia Tech wrestling squad will head to Des Moines, Iowa, to compete in the 2013 NCAA Championships, which begin Thursday and run through Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena. Jarrod Garnett grabbed the No. 5 seed at 125 pounds, Nick Brascetta is the No. 8 seed at 149 pounds, Jesse Dong is seeded seventh at 157 pounds while Pete Yates is the No. 3 seed at 165 pounds. Erik Spjut (133 pounds), Zach Neibert (141 pounds), Austin Gabel (174 pounds), Nick Vetterlein (184 pounds), Derrick Borlie (197 pounds) and David Marone (heavyweight) are all unseeded at their weight class.

Action will begin on Thursday at noon Eastern time (11 a.m. local) with the first session. All 10 Tech wrestlers (and all 330 total wrestlers) will take to the eight mats as their journey begins to a possible national title or All-America honors. The second session begins Thursday evening at 7:30 Eastern (6:30 p.m. local) with the second round and consolation bouts. On Friday, Session III begins at 11 a.m. Eastern (10 a.m. local) with wrestlebacks and quarterfinal bouts and Session IV starts at 7 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. local) on six mats with semifinal bouts and wrestlebacks. On Saturday, Session V features wrestleback semifinals and medal matches on three mats starting at 11 a.m. Eastern (10 a.m. local) and the final session will feature the 10 championship bouts live at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. local).

ESPN’s family of networks will broadcast every round. You can find a complete list of where and when here.

Below are Tech’s first-round matchups, along with potential second-match opponents. Below that are the records and results of each Tech competitor going against the NCAA field at their weight class.

In all, Tech will send a school-record 10 competitors to the event and is one of just five teams to qualify all 10 wrestling, joining national powers Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Penn State.

Garnett grabbed the No. 5 seed at 125 pounds, Brascetta is the No. 8 seed at 149 pounds, Dong is seeded seventh at 157 pounds while Yates is the No. 3 seed at 165 pounds.

Below are the initial matchups for all 10 competitors, barring no changes between now and next week.

125: #5 seed Jarrod Garnett
First Round: vs. Dominic Parisi (App St)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #12 Tyler Cox (Wyoming)/Nick Soto (Chatt)

133: Erik Spjut
First Round: vs. #6 seed Nathan McCormick (Missouri)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #11 George DiCamillo (VA)/Dane Harlow (BU)

141: Zach Neibert
First Round: vs. #11 seed Michael Nevinger (Cornell)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #6 Undrakhbayar Khishignyam (CIT)/Anthony Salupo (Lehigh)

149: #8 seed Nick Brascetta
First Round: vs. Brandon Richardson (Wyoming)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #9 Jake Suefloehn (Nebraska)/Ronnie Garbinsky (Pitt)

157: #7 seed Jesse Dong
First Round: vs. Luke Smith (Central Michigan)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of #10 R.J. Pena (Oregon St)/Josh Demas (Ohio St)

165: #3 seed Pete Yates
First Round: vs. Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo)
Second match: vs. winner/loser of Zach Toal (Missouri)/Austin Wilson (Nebraska)

174: Austin Gabel
Pigtail: vs. Lee Helbig (Wyoming)
Second match: vs. #7 seed Jordan Blanton (Illinois) [if wins; consolations if loses]

184: Nick Vetterlein
First Round: vs. #5 seed Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
Second Match: vs. winner/loser of #12 Ethan Lofthouse (Iowa)/[Stephen Doty (VA)/Boaz Beard (Iowa St)]

197: Derrick Borlie
First Round: vs. #3 seed Matt Wilps (Pitt)
Second Match: vs. winner/loser of Bryce Barnes (Army)/Richard Perry (Bloomsburg)

285: David Marone
First Round: vs. #7 seed Connor Medbery (Wisconsin)
Second Match: vs. winner/loser of #10 seed Jarrod Trice (C Mich)/Daniel Miller (Navy)


125: #5 seed Jarrod Garnett (27-2; 12-2 vs. NCAA 125-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Josh Martinez (Air Force); Hokie Open; W, 12-4 (MD)
11/4 vs. Nathan Kraisser (North Carolina); Hokie Open; W, 10-4
11/4 vs. Nick Soto (Chattanooga); Hokie Open; L, 9-10
11/16 vs. Nikko Triggas (Ohio State); dual; W, 10-2 (MD)
11/25 vs. Matt Snyder (Virginia); dual; W, 11-2 (MD)
12/29 vs. Tyler Iwamura (CSU Bakersfield); Midlands; W, 9-3
12/30 vs. Jesse Delgado (Illinois); Midlands; W, 5-1 (SV)
1/11 vs. Stevie Mitcheff (Kent State); Virginia Duals; W, 8-7 (TB-1)
1/12 vs. Matt Snyder (Virginia) Virginia Duals; W, 6-3
1/19 vs. Nathan Kraisser (North Carolina); dual; L, 2-9
1/20 vs. Joe DeAngelo (NC State); dual; W, 15-4 (MD)
2/9 vs. Eric Montoya (Campbell); dual; W, Fall 2:26
2/22 vs. David Thorn (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; W, 10-7
3/9 vs. Nathan Kraisser (North Carolina); ACC Championships; W, Fall 5:58

133: Erik Spjut (17-11; 6-11 vs. NCAA 133-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Joey Ward (North Carolina); Hokie Open; L, 2-4 (TB)
11/16 vs. Logan Stieber (Ohio State); dual; L, TF 4-19 (7:00)
11/25 vs. George DiCamillo (Virginia); dual; L, 2-5
11/30 vs. Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh); dual; L, 2-3
12/2 vs. A.J. Schopp (Edinboro); dual; L, 9-0 (MD)
1/6 vs. Brandon Gambucci (Duke); dual; W, 5-3
1/12 vs. A.J. Schopp (Edinboro); Virginia Duals; L, 2-3 (TB-1)
1/12 vs. George DiCamillo (Virginia); Virginia Duals; L, 2-3
1/19 vs. Joey Ward (North Carolina); dual; W, 6-5
1/20 vs. Sam Speno (NC State); dual; W, 3-2
1/25 vs. Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland); dual; L, 1-9 (MD)
1/27 vs. Cody Brewer (Oklahoma); dual; L, 4-12
2/22 vs. Chris Dardanes (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 4-14 (MD)
3/9 vs. Sam Speno (NC State); ACC Championships; W, 8-5
3/9 vs. George DiCamillo (Virginia); ACC Championships; L, 2-6
3/9 vs. Joey Ward (North Carolina); ACC Championships; W, 4-3 TB-1
3/9 vs. Sam Speno (NC State); ACC Championships; W, 4-0

141: Zach Neibert (16-9; 2-8 vs. NCAA 141-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Ugi Khishgnyam (The Citadel); Hokie Open; L, 1-3
11/4 vs. Trevor Melde (Rutgers); Hokie Open; W; 9-1 (MD)
11/16 vs. #3 Hunter Stieber (Ohio State); dual; L, 5-8
11/25 vs. Joe Spisak (Virginia); dual; W; 5-3
12/2 vs. #4 Mitchell Port (Edinboro); dual; L, 5-7 (SV)
12/29 vs. #16 CJ Cobb (Penn); Midlands; L, 2-3
1/12 vs. #5 Mitchell Port (Edinboro); Virginia Duals; L, 5-15 (MD)
2/17 vs. #4 Mike Mangrum (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; L, 3-7
2/22 vs. #8 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 2-9
3/9 vs. #5 Evan Henderson (North Carolina); ACC Championships; L, 3-5

149: #8 seed Nick Brascetta (28-4; 9-4 vs. NCAA 149-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Cole VonOhlen (Air Force); Hokie Open; L, 2-4
11/25 vs. Derek Valenti (Virginia); dual; W, 3-2
12/2 vs. Dave Habat (Edinboro); dual; W, 4-3
12/29 vs. Nick Lester (Oklahoma); Midlands; W, 5-2
12/30 vs. Donnie Vinson (Binghamton); Midlands; W, 3-1
1/11 vs. Donnie Vinson (Binghamton); Virginia Duals; L, 3-6
1/12 vs. Dave Habat (Edinboro); Virginia Duals; W, 2-1 (TB-1)
1/12 vs. Derek Valenti (Virginia); Virginia Duals; W, 3-2 (TB-1)
1/27 vs. Nick Lester (Oklahoma); dual; W, 6-4 (SV)
2/17 vs. Nick Lester (Oklahoma); NWCA National Duals; W, 8-2
2/17 vs. Scott Sakagucki (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; L, 1-3
2/22 vs. Dylan Ness (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 6-7
3/9 vs. Derek Valenti (Virginia); ACC Championships; W, 4-1

157: #7 seed Jesse Dong (23-3; 5-2 vs. NCAA 157-Pound Field)
11/25 vs. Jedd Moore (Virginia); dual; W, 3-0
12/29 vs. Joey Napoli (Lehigh); Midlands; L, 3-6
12/30 vs. R.J. Pena (Oregon State); Midlands; W, 10-6
1/27 vs. Matt Lester (Oklahoma); dual; W, 2-0
2/17 vs. R.J. Pena (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; W, 5-4
2/22 vs. Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 0-5
3/9 vs. Jedd Moore (Virginia); ACC Championships; W, 2-1

165: #3 seed Pete Yates (30-1; 16-1 vs. NCAA 165-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Zack Strickland (Appalachian State); Hokie Open; W; 10-1 (MD)
11/4 vs. Josh Condon (Chattanooga); Hokie Open; W, Fall 1:58
11/4 vs. Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana); Hokie Open; W; 8-0 (MD)
11/16 vs. Mark Martin (Ohio State); dual; W, 7-1
11/25 vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia); dual; W, 7-2
11/30 vs. Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh); dual; W, 4-2
12/2 vs. Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro); dual; W, 8-1
12/30 vs. Bubby Graham (Oklahoma); Midlands; L, 2-7
12/30 vs. Conrad Polz (Illinois); Midlands; W, 8-6
12/30 vs. Steven Monk (North Dakota State); Midlands; W, 4-0
1/12 vs. Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro); Virginia Duals; W, 14-3 (MD)
1/12 vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia); Virginia Duals; W, 3-1
1/19 vs. John Staudenmayer (North Carolina); dual; W, 10-0 (MD)
2/17 vs. Bubby Graham (Oklahoma); NWCA National Duals; W, 7-2
2/22 vs. Cody Yohn (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; W, TF 18-2 (6:12)
3/9 vs. Nigel Jones (NC State); ACC Championships; W, Fall 1:48
3/9 vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia); ACC Championships; W, 4-2

174: Austin Gabel (20-11; 2-9 vs. NCAA 174-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Greg Zanetti (Rutgers); Hokie Open; L, 2-4
11/16 vs. Nick Heflin (Ohio State); dual; L, 1-2 (TB)
11/25 vs. Jon Fausey (Virginia); dual; L, 2-4
11/30 vs. Nick Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh); dual; L, 2-3 (SV-2)
12/29 vs. Stephen West (Columbia); Midlands; L, 1-3 (SV)
1/11 vs. Sam Wheeler (Kent State); Virginia Duals; W, 3-1
1/12 vs. Jon Fausey (Virginia); Virginia Duals; L, 1-2 (TB-1)
1/25 vs. Josh Asper (Maryland); dual; L, 3-8
2/17 vs. Cody Weishoff (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; W, 6-2
2/22 vs. Logan Storley (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 2-8
3/9 vs. Jon Fausey (Virginia); ACC Championships; L, 1-2 TB-1

184: Nick Vetterlein (17-12; 2-9 vs. NCAA 184-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers); Hokie Open; L, 1-3
11/25 vs. Stephen Doty (Virginia); dual; W, 7-4
11/30 vs. Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh); dual; L, 1-3
12/29 vs. Robert Hamlin (Lehigh); Midlands; L, 4-10
12/29 vs. Ty Vinson (Oregon State); Midlands; L, 8-10
1/11 vs. Cody Reed (Binghamton); Virginia Duals; W, 10-5
1/11 vs. Casey Newburg (Kent State); Virginia Duals; L, 1-6
1/19 vs. Alex Utley (North Carolina); dual; W, 10-6
1/25 vs. Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland); dual; L, 2-7
2/22 vs. Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, Fall 5:33
3/9 vs. Stephen Doty (Virginia); ACC Championships; L, 2-8
3/9 vs. Alex Utley (North Carolina); ACC Championships; L, 0-11 (MD)

197: Derrick Borlie (18-11; 3-9 vs. NCAA 197-Pound Field)
11/4 vs. Conner Hartmann (Duke); Hokie Open; L, 2-5
11/30 vs. Matt Wilps (Pittsburgh); dual; L, 2-8
12/29 vs. Christian Boley (Maryland); Midlands; W, 6-3
12/29 vs. Max Huntley (Michigan); Midlands; L, 1-3
12/29 vs. Donald McNeil (Rider); Midlands; W, 6-2
12/30 vs. Kyven Gadson (Iowa State); Midlands; L, 6-9
1/6 vs. Conner Hartmann (Duke); dual; W, 6-1
1/11 vs. Nate Schiedel (Binghamton); Virginia Duals; L, Fall 3:41
1/25 vs. Christian Boley (Maryland); dual; L, 6-8 (SV)
2/17 vs. Taylor Meeks (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; L, Inj. Def. (4:38)
3/9 vs. Mike Salopek (Virginia); ACC Championships; L, 1-3
3/9 vs. Conner Hartmann (Duke); ACC Championships; L, 1-3

285: David Marone (16-9; 1-6 vs. NCAA 285-Pound Field)
11/18 vs. Connor Medbery (Wisconsin); dual; L, 2-3
11/30 vs. Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh); dual; L, Fall 8:49 (TB-1)
12/2 vs. Ernest James (Edinboro); dual; L, 2-3 (TB-1)
12/29 vs. Evan Knutson (North Dakota State); Midlands; W, 6-2
12/29 vs. Adam Chalfant (Indiana); Midlands; L, 1-3 (SV)
2/17 vs. Chad Hanke (Oregon State); NWCA National Duals; L, 6-7
2/22 vs. Tony Nelson (Minnesota); NWCA National Duals; L, 0-4

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