December 30, 2013
Two Hokies place at Midlands Championships
Haught, Peck take titles at Wilkes Open

EVANSTON, Ill. - The Virginia Tech wrestling team split up this past weekend, sending wrestlers to the Wilkes Open in Pennsylvania on Saturday and 12 guys to the 51st Ken Kraft Midlands Championships in Evanston, Ill. At the prestigious Midlands, two Hokies placed while three placed at the Wilkes Open.

The Midlands is a two-day event featuring some of the best competition in the country. After one day, Tech had two wrestlers in the championship bracket and three more left in the consolations, but a rough first session on Monday left the Hokies with just two left trying to place.

“Our effort and toughness was unacceptable today,” said head coach Kevin Dresser. “We lost because we quit wrestling on too many occasions. 2014 will be coming in like a lion in the Virginia Tech wrestling room on Wednesday. I won’t go through another round like this ever again.”

Nick Brascetta and Zach Epperly were the lone Hokies to place while both wrestled unattached and both placing fifth.

At the Wilkes, Jared Haught (197) and Dawson Peck (HWT) both won their weight class while David Bergida placed third at 165 pounds.

Below are all the results from the Tech wrestlers who competed at both events.

133: Dennis Gustafson (2-2)

First Round: def. Justin LaValle (NDSU), 8-5
Second Round: lost to #2 A.J. Schopp (Edinboro), Fall 4:18
Consolations: def. Jordan Laster (Princeton), 8-5
Consolations: lost to Levi Wolfensperger (Northern Iowa), 8-6

133: Kevin Norstrem (unattached; 2-2)
First Round: def. Jacob Schmitt (NW), default
Second Round: lost to #4 Mason Beckman (Lehigh), 1-0
Consolations: def. #20 Dom Malone (NW), 3-2 (TB-1)
Consolations: lost to #7 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin), MD 20-7

133: Erik Spjut (3-2)
First Round: def. Martin Ramirez (Adams State), MD 10-0 *
Second Round: def. Colt Scholling (Cal Poly), 7-3
Third Round: lost to #6 Joe Colon (Northern Iowa), 6-2
Consolations: def. Angela Amenta (Columbia), 5-2
Consolations: lost to Cashe Quiroga (Purdue), 5-2

149: Zach Neibert (3-2)
First Round: def. Jacob Smith (Chicago), MD 15-2 *
Second Round: def. Coleman Hammond (Cleveland State), 7-4
Third Round: def. Brody Grothus (Iowa), 7-4
Quarterfinals: lost to #16 Eric Grajales (Michigan), 6-0
Consolations: lost to Brandon Sorensen (Iowa), 7-6

157: Nick Brascetta (unattached; FIFTH PLACE; 4-2)
First Round: def. Paul Liguori (Harvard), MD 19-5
Second Round: def. Justin Staudenmayer (Brown), MD 12-4
Quarterfinals: def. Brandon Zeerip (Eastern Michigan), 13-6
Semifinals: lost to #6 Taylor Walsh (Indiana), Fall 1:58
Consolations: lost to Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro), Fall 4:42
Fifth-Place Match: def. #10 Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin), 3-1

157: Sal Mastriani (1-2)
First Round: lost to Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro), Fall 3:59
Consolations: def. Mark Savernok (Wheaton), 8-6 *
Consolations: lost to Jake Gingerich (Illinois), TF 16-1 (4:22)

174: John Dickson (0-2)
First Round: lost to Matt Irick (Indiana), 4-3
Consolations: lost to Alex Meyer (Iowa), 7-3

174: Zach Epperly (unattached; FIFTH PLACE; 4-2)
First Round: def. Parker Von Egidy (Missouri), MD 8-0
Second Round: def. #19 Cody Caldwell (Northern Iowa), 9-4
Quarterfinals: def. Jordan Wohfert (Michigan State), 4-1
Semifinals: lost to #6 Mike Evans (Iowa), MD 10-1
Consolations: lost to #14 Hayden Zilmer (North Dakota State), 6-4 (SV)
Fifth-Place Match: def. Scott Liegel (Wisconsin), 7-5

197: Chris Penny (2-2)
First Round: def. Reuben Franklin (CSU-Bakersfield), 10-5
Second Round: def. Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois), 9-8 (SV)
Quarterfinals: lost to Nate Burak (Iowa), 9-7 (SV)
Consolations: lost to John Bolich (Lehigh), 3-2

197: David Reck (unattached; 2-2)
First Round: lost to Chris Heald (Michigan), 6-4
Consolations: def. Nate Rotert (San Diego State), 5-3 (SV)
Consolations: def. Abe Ayala (Princeton), 3-2
Consolations: lost to Derek Thomas (Utah Valley), 2-1 (TB-1)

285: Dan Garwood (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost to Anthony Edgren (UW-Whitewater), Fall 0:23 *
Consolations: def. Sam Cervantes (CSU-Bakersfield), 3-2
Consolations: lost to Chris Lopez (Illinois), 3-1 (SV)

285: Ty Walz (4-2)
First Round: def. Kusta Karageorge (Ohio State), MD 12-3
Second Round: def. Conner Herman (Luther), 9-6 *
Third Round: lost to #14 Adam Fager (Utah Valley), 7-3
Consolations: def. Nick Gajdzik (Harvard), 5-4
Consolations: def. Cody Krumweide (Northern Iowa), 9-2
Consolations: lost to #20 Ernest James (Edinboro), Fall 3:27

125: Tyler Awtry (0-2)

First Round: lost to Zachary Fuentes (Drexel), Fall 0:19
Consolations: lost to Guesseppe Rea (Wilkes), MD 14-6 *

141: Jerry Ronnau (3-2)
First Round: def. Jalen Ramos (Rutgers), 4-1
Second Round: lost to Daniel Sanchez (Maryland), MD 14-5
Consolations: def. Gregory McCrystal (Rutgers), MD 17-7
Consolations: def. Jake DeAngelo (North Carolina State), 6-3
Consolations: lost to RJ DeGeorge (Maryland), Fall 2:03

149: Cameron Bowen (unattached; 0-2)
First Round: lost to Geoffry Verallis (Drexel), 7-4
Consolations: def. Nicholas Maccini (Drexel), 5-3
Consolations: lost to Sam Melian (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), TF 17-2 (5:56) ^

157: Mason Mele (unattached; 0-2)
First Round: lost to Phillip Morano (Brown), 5-4
Consolations: lost to Ty Schoffstall (Edinboro), 8-6

165: David Bergida (unattached; THIRD PLACE; 3-1)
First Round: def. Matthew Russo (Finger Lakes WC), Fall 1:53 ^
Second Round: def. Jon Scheidegger (Sacred Heart), 11-4 *
Semifinals: lost to Nicholas Visicaro (Rutgers), Fall 1:44
Consolations: def. Martin Mitchell (UMBC), Fall 2:03
Third-Place Match: def. Michael Cervalo (North Carolina State), Fall 6:15

174: Brooks Morrison (1-2)
First Round: def. Anthony Prendimano (West Virginia), 8-7
Second Round: lost to David Fenton (Rider), 4-2
Consolations: lost to Anthony Pafumi (Rutgers), 4-3

197: Jared Haught (unattached; CHAMPION; 3-0)
First Round: def. Sebastien Levin (Brown), 3-2
Semifinals: def. Michael Fetchet (Columbia), 6-1
Finals: def. Daniel Santoro (Princeton), 3-2

197: Henry Mauk (unattached; 0-2)
First Round: lost to Chris Chambers (Nassau CC), 4-2 ^
Consolations: lost to Seth Gray (Wilkes), MD 13-5 *

285: Dawson Peck (unattached; CHAMPION; 4-0)
First Round: def. Jacob Moore (Princeton), TF 15-0
Second Round: def. Andrew Marr (Rider), med. def.
Semifinals: def. Ryan Appleby (Kutztown), 9-2 *
Finals: def. Conor Sweeney (Columbia), Fall 4:04

285: Brandon Taylor (2-2)
First Round: def. Stephen Prevost (unattached), 8-2 ^
Second Round: lost to Conor Sweeney (Columbia), 4-2
Consolations: def. William Fletcher (Wilkes), 3-2 *
Consolations: def. Nick Dawson (Wilkes), Fall 1:12 *
Consolations: lost to Ryan Appleby (Kutztown), 5-3 *

* - denotes non-Division I competitor; result counts toward overall record, but not toward NCAA qualification
^ - denotes non-NCAA competitor; result doesn’t count toward record

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