December 7, 2014
Gustafson takes title at Nittany Lion Open
Zavatsky places second at event

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Dennis Gustafson went 5-0 to take home the title at 141 pounds while wrestling unattached Sunday at the Nittany Lion Open on the campus of Penn State. Freshman Zack Zavatsky placed second at 184 pounds and several other Tech wrestlers placed in the top eight.

Below are the results from all Tech wrestlers - attached and unattached - who competed Sunday.

125: Brandon Olsen (unattached; 4-2; SEVENTH PLACE)
First Round: lost to Jordan Conaway (Penn State), TF 17-2
Consolations: def. Anthony Rivera (Edinboro), 3-1
Consolations: def. Zack Valcarce (Rider), 7-5
Consolations: def. Britain Carter (Columbia), 5-2
Consolations: lost to Penn Gottfried (Columbia), Fall 2:16
Seventh-Place Match: def. Kenny Yanovich (Penn State), 6-5

133: Jackson Myers (unatached; 1-2)
Frist Round: def. William Boyd (Shippensburg), 10-4
Quarterfinals: lost to James Gulibon (Penn State), 6-1
Consolations: lost to Christian Monserrat (West Virginia), 5-4

141: Dennis Gustafson (unattached; 5-0; CHAMPION)
Pigtails: def. Paul Kirchner (Rider), MD 14-4
First Round: def. Kyle Jensen (Middlesex CC), Fall 3:25
Quarterfinals: def. Courtland Schuyler (Lehigh), 9-7
Semifinals: def. Michael Waters (Penn State), 6-3
Finals: def. Tyson Dippery (Rutgers), 8-1

141: Jerry Ronnau (2-3; EIGHTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Jack Lucie (Army), Fall 2:54
Quarterfinals: lost to Tyson Dippery (Rutgers), 11-3
Consolations: def. Matthew Kelly (Army), 6-5
Consolations: lost to Brock Zacherl (Clarion), MD 22-8
Seventh-Place Match: lost to Courtland Schuyler (Lehigh), Fall :40

149: Solomon Chishko (unattached; 6-2; FOURTH PLACE)
Pigtails: def. Michael Schroeder (unaffiliated), Fall 3:59
First Round: def. Alex Harnsberger (Sacred Heart), 17-4
Second Round: def. Michael Underwood (Rutgers), 6-1
Quarterfinals: lost to Richard Durson (F&M), 4-1
Consolations: def. Blake Roulo (George Mason), 11-3
Consolations: def. Mark Marchetti (Army), Fall 3:42
Consolations: won by forfeit
Third-Place Match: lost to Luke Frey (Penn State), 6-4

149: Taylor Misuna (unattached; 4-2)
Pigtails: def. Jake Keller (Pitt), 7-3
First Round: def. Connor Lapresi (Finger Lakes Prep), MD 12-3
Second Round: lost to Mark Marchetti (Army), 8-2
Consolations: def. Lincoln Mallenger (Army), MD 8-0
Consolations: def. Matt Pente (Maryland), 5-2
Consolations: lost to John VanSchenkbrill (Rutgers), 11-4

149: Chad Saunders (unattached; 0-2)
First Round: lost to Lincoln Mallinger (Army), 11-5
Consolations: lost to Alex Harnsberger (Sacred Heart), 12-6

149: Brent Waterman (5-2; SEVENTH PLACE)
First Round: lost to William Davis (Drexel), 4-3
Consolations: def. Zachary Beitz (Penn State), medical forfeit
Consolations: def. Joe Ghione (Lock Haven), 8-6
Consolations: def. Michael Underwood (Rutgers), 2-0
Consolations: def. Chad Dubin (unafilliated), 1-0
Consolations: lost to John VanSchenkbrill (Rutgers), 1-0
Seventh-Place Match: def. Mark Marchetti (Army), 4-2

157: Carter Page (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost to Patrick Gerish (Maryland), 5-3
Consolations: def. John Novak (unaffiliated), 13-11
Consolations: lost to Craemer Hedash (Army), 7-6

157: Jake Spengler (unattached; 3-1; EIGHTH PLACE)
First Round: lost to Cody Law (Penn State), 8-3
Consolations: def. Christian Ortiz (Middlesex CC), Fall 1:27
Consolations: def. Ben Schroeder (Binghamton), MD 19-2
Consolations: def. Justus Weaver (VT), 13-8
Consolations: forfeited out

157: Justus Weaver (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: def. Joshua Ellis (unafiliated), 5-0
Quarterfinals: lost to Jason Nolf (Penn State), Fall 4:31
Consolations: lost to Jake Spengler (VT), 13-8

165: David Bergida (4-3; SIXTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Inan Sikel (Maryland), 5-2
Second Round: def. Kyle Bova (Lock Haven), 4-0
Quarterfinals: lost to Nestor Taffur (F&M), MD 14-4
Consolations: def. Anthony Deprez (Binghamton), MD 10-0
Consolations: def. Nick Visicaro (Rutgers), 6-0
Consolations: lost Ryan Preisch (Lehigh), MD 14-3
Fifth-Place Match: lost to Jon Jay Chavez (Finger Lakes Prep), 3-2

174: Tae Leary (1-2)
First Round: def. Christopher Williams (unaffiliated), 9-3
Second Round: lost to Ty Walter (Finger Lakes Prep), MD 15-2
Consolations: lost to Garrett Stehley (Lehigh), 5-4

184: Zack Zavatsky (unattached; 3-1; SECOND PLACE)
First Round: def. Nathan Dow (Army), MD 12-2
Quarterfinals: def. James Frascella (Penn State), 9-3
Semifinals: def. Tony Pafumi (Rutgers), Fall :49
Finals: lost to Matt McCutcheon (Penn State), MD 8-0

197: David Reck (3-2; FOURTH PLACE)
First Round: def. Anthony Cassar (Penn State), 5-1
Quarterfinals: def. Tristan Sponseller (Lock Haven), 6-3
Semifinals: lost to Morgan McIntosh (Penn State), MD 13-2
Consolations: def. Anthony Cassar (Penn State), 4-3
Third-Place Match: lost to Francis Mattiace (Pennsylvania), MD 8-0

285: Dan Garwood (4-1; THIRD PLACE)
First Round: def. Jeramy Sweany (Finger Lakes Prep), 7-4
Quarterfinals: def. Mike Kosoy (NCSU), 4-2
Semifinals: lost to Nick Nevills (Penn State), 6-2
Consolations: def. Jeramy Sweany (Finger Lakes Prep), 6-3
Third-Place Match: def. Mike Kosoy (NCSU), 3-2

285: Brandon Taylor (unattached; 1-2)
First Round: lost to Jonathan Gingrich (Penn State), Fall 4:05
Consolations: def. Nick Lashell (Rutgers), 6-0
Consolations: lost to Mike Kosoy (NCSU), 3-2

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