November 8, 2015
Three wrestlers take titles at Hokie Open
Dance, Norstrem and Chishko bring home championships

BLACKSBURG - Three Virginia Tech wrestlers took home titles of the Open Division of the Hokie Open Sunday inside Rector Field House. Joey Dance (125), Kevin Norstrem (133), and Solomon Chishko (141) were all victorious at the end of the day as they each won titles in their respective weight classes.

Chad Saunders (149), Cody Hughes (174) and Zack Zavatsky (184) all brought home second place honors and nine other Virginia Tech wrestlers placed in the Sunday event.

The Hokies will be back in action next weekend, taking no. 2 Penn State at home on Sunday in a battle of top ten teams.

Below are all the results from the day for the Hokies:

125: Joey Dance; Open - 4-0; CHAMPION
Quarterfinals: def. Britain Carter (Columbia), Pin 5:39
Semifinals: def. Thayer Atkins (Duke), 17-5
Finals: def. Brian Rossi (Stanford), 12-4

133: Kevin Norstrem; Open – 4-0; CHAMPION
First Round: def. Philip Anderson (GWebb), Pin 1:08
Quarterfinals: def. Brandon James (ODU-UN), 8-3
Semifinals: def. AC Headlee (UNC-UN), 4-2
Finals: def. Mason Pengilly (Stanford), 6-3

141: Brent Waterman; Open – 3-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Tabrin Walker (KingU), Pin 2:41
Second Round: def. Lane Dickenson (NDame C), Pin 2:13
Quarterfinals: lost to. Roman Boylen (UTC), 6-4
Third Place Match: def. Brendan Ryan (VT), MD 15-6

141: Solomon Chishko; Open – 4-0; CHAMPION
First Round def. Bryce Killian (King U), 10-3
Quarterfinals: def. Hunter Starner (VMI), TF 21-6
Semifinals: def. Brendan Ryan (VT), TF 20-5
Finals: def. Roman Boylen (UTC), 7-2

141: Brendan Ryan; Open - 2-2; FOURTH PLACE
First Round: def. Jose Hernandez (Middlesex), 2-0
Quarterfinals: def. Michael Hulcher (VMI), 2-1
Semifinals: lost to. Solomon Chishko (VT), TF 20-5
Third Place Match: lost to Brent Waterman (VT), MD 15-6

149: Mattheos Lozier; Open – 0-1
First Round: lost by tech fall to Mitch Finesilver (Duke), 16-0
Consolations: lost to Nick Leitten (Limestone-UN), 9-4

149: Chad Saunders; Open – 3-1; SECOND PLACE
First Round: def. Davon Jefferson (Middlesex), Pin 1:18
Quarterfinals: def. Seth Elwood (NDame C), 8-4
Semifinals: def. Joby Armenta (GWebb), 10-4
Finals: lost to. Isacc Dulgarian (NDame C), 11-4

157: Dayton Racer (unattached); Open - 4-2
First Round: def. Kamaal Shakar (UTC), forfeit
Quarterfinals: lost to Jonatan Rivera (NDame), 5-3
Consolations: def. Bryant Halsch (UNC-UN), TF 18-3
Consolations: def. Landon Reed (KingU), MD 14-4
Consolations: def. Max Hvolbek (Stanford), 14-8
Consolations: lost to Markus Schiedel (Columbia), 9-3

157: Jake Spengler (unattached); Open – 0-2
First Round: lost to. Brian Hamann (NC State-UN), pin 4:32
Consolations: lost to Markus Schiedel (Columbia), 10-3

157: Justus Weaver; Open – 3-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Blake Hohman (VMI), Pin 4:03
Quarterfinals: def. Dylan Gary (Limestone), 7-3
Semifinals: lost to Brian LaPrade (VA-SRTC), 5-3
Third Place Match: def. Cameron Bowen (VA-SRTC), 9-5

165: David McFadden; Open – 3-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Blake Sutherland (ODU-UN), TF 17-2
Quarterfinals: def. Andrew DeHeart (Duke), Pin 6:02
Semifinals: lost to Jim Wilson (Stanford), 3-2
Consolations: def. Shabaka Johns (VMI), 14-6

165: Mike Ciavarro; Open – 0-1
First Round: lost to Jake Faust (Duke), Pin 6:09

165: Paul Kalafos; Open – 0-2;
First Round: lost to Michael Mota (Limestone), 8-2
Consolations: lost to Trapper Hays (Limestone), TF 22-3

174: Brooks Wilding; Open – 2-1; THIRD PLACE
Quarterfinals: def. Ben Wagner (VMI), Pin 2:43
Semifinals: lost to Justin Lampe (UTC), TF 27-12
Third Place Match: def. Emilio Fowler (NDame C), 21-14

174: Cody Hughes (unattached); Open – 3-1; SECOND PLACE
First Round: def. Kody Eichlin (KingU), MD 16-4
Quarterfinals: def. Vinny Levin (UNA), 10-2
Semifinals: def. Emilio Fowler (NDame C), Pin 1:33
Finals: lost to Justin Lampe (UTC), 5-3

184: Zack Zavatsky; Open - 3-1; SECOND PLACE
First Round: def. Tyler Patrick (Duke), 13-4
Quarterfinals: def. Trey Adamson (Duke), 6-2
Semifinals: def. Ryan Davies (Stanford), MD 14-3
Finals: lost to Alex Utley (UNC), 6-4

197: Jared Haught); Open - 2-1; FOURTH PLACE
First Round: def. Brett Dempsy (American-UN), Pin 3:35
Quarterfinals: def. Scott Marmoll (UNC), 6-1
Semifinals: injury

197: Dylan Cook; Open - 4-1; FIFTH PLACE
First Round: lost to Matt Rudy (Limestone), 5-3
Consolations: def. Tyler Johnson (NC State-UN) bye

285: Dan Garwood; Open – 2-1; THIRD PLACE
First Round: def. Tasi Mathias (VMI), 8-3
Quarterfinals: def. Josh Marchok (Stanford), 3-2
Semifinals: lost to Nathan Butler (Stanford), 3-1
Third Place Match: def. Cory Daniel (UNC), 7-5

285: Brandon Taylor; Open - 4-1; FIFTH PLACE
First Round: def. David Woody (UNC), 4-0
Quarterfinals: lost to Garrett Ryan (Columbia), 4-0
Consolations: def. Andrew Lutterloh (KingU-UN), 3-1
Consolations: lost to. Logan Rimmer (NDame), 3-1
Fifth-Place Match: def. Matt Voss (GMU), 11-4

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