Hughes wins title at the Appalachian State Open

BOONE, N.C. – Sophomore Cody Hughes went 4-0 and took the 174-pound title wrestling unattached for the Virginia Tech wrestling team on Saturday at the Appalachian State Open on Saturday.

Freshman Dominic Latona placed second at 133 pounds while sophomore David McFadden and freshman Andrew Dunn also took second in their respective weight classes. Redshirt sophomore Ryan Blees at 157 and freshman Kyle Norstrem at 125 both went 3-1 to take home third place finishes.

Hughes has now reached the podium at three different tournaments this season but it’s the first time he’s won his weight class. After picking up major decisions against his first two opponents, Hughes used a late takedown in the semifinals to advance with a 4-2 decision in sudden victory OT. He used 6-3 decision in the finals over Abner Romero of Old Dominion to run the table.

125 – Kyle Norstrem (UA)
Kyle Norstrem (Virginia Tech) DEC Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga) 8-1
(SF) Hayden Lee (Ohio University) DEC Kyle Norstrem (Virginia Tech) 2-1
Kyle Norstrem (Virginia Tech) DEC Charles Lenox (North Carolina State) 7-4
(3rd) Kyle Norstrem (Virginia Tech) DEC Louie Hayes (Virginia) 9-7

133 – Dominic Latona
Dominic Latona (Virginia Tech) DEC Jaquan Loney (Old Dominion) 5-1
Dominic Latona (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Joshua Finesilver (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) 11-0
(SF) Dominic Latona (Virginia Tech) DEC Nathan Boston (Campbell University) 7-6
(F) Tariq Wilson (North Carolina State) MAJOR Dominic Latona (Virginia Tech) 16-3

141 – Andrew Mehrholz (UA)
Andrew Mehrholz (Virginia Tech) TF Austin Gould (Chattanooga) tfall 18-0 5:52
Jamel Morris (North Carolina State) TF Andrew Mehrholz (Virginia Tech) 15-0 tfall 3:41
Andrew Mehrholz (Virginia Tech) BYE
Will Clark (North Carolina State) DEC Andrew Mehrholz (Virginia Tech) 7-4

149 – Jarrett Degen (UA)
Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Joby Armenta (Gardner-Webb) 10-2
Beau Donahue (North Carolina State) DEC Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech) 9-8
Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech) DEC Luke Mullin (Chattanooga) 6-0
Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Brandon Leynaud (Duke) 14-2
Jarrett Degen (Virginia Tech) DEC Kyler Rea (West Virginia) 6-5

149 – Mattheos Lozier
Nick Vestal (Ohio University) DEC Mattheos Lozier (Virginia Tech) 6-4
Mattheos Lozier (Virginia Tech) DEC Dante Veltri (North Carolina) 6-2
Josh McClure (North Carolina) FALL Mattheos Lozier (Virginia Tech) 4:38

149 – Brent Moore (UA)
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) DEC Jordan Eley (Campbell University) 5-2
Kennedy Monday (North Carolina) MAJOR Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) 11-1
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) FALL Logan Wilson (West Virginia) fall 1:23
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) DEC Will Verallis (Old Dominion) 3-1
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) DEC Sam Martino (Virginia) 3-0
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) FALL Josh McClure (North Carolina) fall 1:27
Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) DEC Chris Yankowich (Virginia) 3-1 ot sv
Nick Vestal (Ohio University) DEC Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) 6-4

157 – Ryan Blees
Ryan Blees (Virginia Tech) TF Michael Elliott (Appalachian State) 18-3 (5:00)
(SF) Larry Early (Old Dominion) DEC Ryan Blees (Virginia Tech) 6-3
Ryan Blees (Virginia Tech) DEC Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) 6-4 ot sv
(3rd) Ryan Blees (Virginia Tech) TF Angel Najar (Appalachian State) 25-9 (7:00)

157 – Derek Ciavarro
Derek Ciavarro (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Thomas Singley (North Carolina) 16-6
Laken Cook (Appalachian State) MAJOR Derek Ciavarro (Virginia Tech) 9-0
Alex Lewis (Appalachian State) FALL Derek Ciavarro (Virginia Tech) 1:03

157 – KT Forsythe
Larry Early (Old Dominion) TF Kaleb Forsythe (Virginia Tech) 16-0 4:47
Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Kaleb Forsythe (Virginia Tech) 12-1

157 – BC LaPrade (UA)
Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Kaleb Warner (Campbell University) 10-2
Carl Guess (Appalachian State) FALL Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) fall 4:08
Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Kaleb Forsythe (Virginia Tech) 12-1
Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) TF Alex Lewis (Appalachian State) 16-0 tfall 4:00
Ryan Blees (Virginia Tech) DEC Brian LaPrade (Virginia Tech) 6-4 ot sv

165 – David McFadden (UA)
David McFadden (Virginia Tech) FALL David Bostian (Unattached) fall 3:43
David McFadden (Virginia Tech) TF MJ Roberson (Virginia) 17-1 tfall 4:20
(SF) David McFadden (Virginia Tech) FALL Daniel Bullard (North Carolina State) fall :58
(F) Dylan Cottrell (West Virginia) DEC David McFadden (Virginia Tech) 8-2

174 – Cody Hughes (UA)
Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Charlie Andrews (Campbell University) 13-4
Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Blake Sutherland (Old Dominion) 14-4
(SF) Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) DEC Lee Davis (North Carolina State) 4-2ot sv
(F) Cody Hughes (Virginia Tech) DEC Abner Romero (Old Dominion) 6-3

184 – T.J. Allen
Nicky Hall (North Carolina State) MAJOR T.J. Allen (Virginia Tech) 13-0
T.J. Allen (Virginia Tech) DEC Nate Hall (Ohio University) 13-9
Hunter Yeargan (Ohio University) DEC T.J. Allen (Virginia Tech) 3-1 ot sv

197 – Dylan Cook (UA)
Austin McNeill (Campbell University) DEC Dylan Cook (Virginia Tech) 2-1
Dylan Cook (Virginia Tech) MAJOR Benjamin Stacey (Chattanooga) 11-2
Devin King (Ohio University) FALL Dylan Cook (Virginia Tech) 2:48

285 – Andrew Dunn (UA)
Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) DEC Michael McAleavy (Citadel) 3-1
Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) FALL Robert Scherer (Virginia) 1:10
(SF) Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) DEC Michael Johnson Jr (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) 6-2
(F) Michael Rogers (North Carolina State) DEC Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) 5-4

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