2013 NCAA Tournament
UMBC vs. Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech head coach Chugger Adair

Virginia Tech head coach Chugger Adiar’s opening comment
I’m pleased with the result tonight as far as the win. I think it was well deserved from our side. I think we came out and we were the aggressor of the two teams. I think UMBC fought well and hard and tried to make it difficult for us to play. They sat in a little bit and compacted the space and made it tough to play. I think we did a very good job by scoring two very goals from (Shannon) Mayrose and (Ashley) Manning. I’m pleased with the result and we’re ready to see who we play next Friday.

What helped you to get on the offensive so much?
I think they played a defensive style, so they sat in with 10 people, basically, being behind the ball and looked to counter. That helped us and we were able to get players forward.

… on Dani’s goal
Ashley is very good in tight situations and with their packed in defense, I think she found seems and created a lot of opportunities and good movement up top and she was able to slip through for the goal.

… on Shannon’s goal
It was a relief for me on the sidelines, because you never know with these games. It’s a crazy game and you never know what could happen.

Junior forward Shannon Mayrose
After losing in the first round last year, what does it mean to get this opening round win?
I think we know what it feels like to lose in the first round and we know how bad it felt last year knowing that we had the potential to go farther. So, I think this year, we had that in the back of our mind and kind of had a chip on our shoulder going into this, knowing that we let ourselves down last year. And that wasn’t something that we wanted to repeat.

How confident were you going into the game as a No. 1 seed?
I think anything can happen. You have to go into it thinking your opponent is ranked the same as you. You can’t look down at any opponent and disrespect them.

Is there any pressure on you with being a No. 1 seed?
I think there is pressure from ourselves, we know how well we can do and we know what our potential is going forward. So, if there is anyone putting pressure on us, it’s ourselves, the team, because we know how far we have a chance to go.

How far can this team go, the Final Four?
We take one game at a time, but that’s definitely in our sites, and that’s what we are hoping for at this point.

Was it a big relief to get that first goal?
We just knew if we kept working together we would get it. It was definitely a relief to get one.

Senior forward Ashley Manning
What was the team’s mindset going into this game?
I think going into the game, we just tried to stayed focus on our game plan and what the coaches were saying and what we were doing in practice beforehand. We were just focused on this one game, right now.

Dani, can you describe your goal?
They had a lot of people back, so we were just switching it around. And then it got switched out to Dani and she just played me a ball to my feet and I just turned to my left foot and shot it. But it did take us awhile to break through. We just kept possession and we were able to connect and find a pass.