2013 NCAA Tournament
UMBC vs. Virginia Tech
UMBC head coach Leslie Wray

Opening Statement: “I’m still so proud of this team. We came out and we knew it was going to be a tough game. We knew Virginia Tech, being ranked No. 4 in the nation and having a great season themselves, was a well-coached team. You have to give credit to them how they continually work hard. We had a game plan and I thought we executed well throughout the first half. We conceded [a goal] late in the first half, but I’m so proud of the fight this team gave. It shows the pride that UMBC has right now.”

What gave you trouble? They were pressuring you with their offense a lot.
“We knew we were going to have to defend quite a bit. I think we maybe got a little fatigued toward the end of the first half, but it seemed as if our backs just kept dropping inside the 18. I think that’s what kind of gave us trouble and they were able to get around us a little bit more toward the end of the half and get services in. They’re dangerous. Their corner kicks, they were able to just whip the ball in and they’re powerful in the air. That was their first header driven home and they kind of slipped through us in the second half.”

What do you take away from this being your first NCAA Tournament?
“I told the team after the game that they have set the bar so high. We’re not going to have a season like this where it’s the Cinderella story that we come from a one-win season and turn it around. We hope that this is a common occurrence for us now that we can makes strides in our conference and really push for more NCAA appearances. I think the season as a whole has been fantastic and dream-like.