Boston University

NCAA Blacksburg Regional Second Round
November 22, 2013
Boston vs. Santa Clara
Postgame Comments

Opening comments from Boston coach Nancy Feldman
Well, I was pleased how our kids came back in the first half after allowing a girl early on. I thought that sort of summarized and was an example of our entire season. I think this team is a persistent bunch. I thought they responded really well to that. I thought we played a pretty good soccer game against a very good team – some tremendous attackers on Santa Clara that we had to try and keep under wraps. And that’s, those couple of moments, where they got some real special efforts from very good attacking players, I guess that was the difference. But I thought our team played very well and it’s been a great year and I’m sad to see it end, because it’s been a real pleasant and joyful and satisfying group to coach.

What was the team’s mindset after giving up the early goal?
Well, that hasn’t happened very often this year, so I guess I learned what our mindset was … it was strong. It could have been a lot of disappointment and frustration. But sometimes, earlier on it’s better because you’ve got the whole game to come back. I think when you have strong minded kids and really great disciplined kids and focused kids, and kids that have belief if we play our game we’ll be competitive and be able to create scoring chances ourselves and I think, then you deal with it pretty well.

Your team allowed seven goals all year, what did Santa Clara do to score two today?
They have very good attacking players and that’s no disrespect to the attacking players we’ve played against, but that’s the reason why they are one of the top 32, or 16 teams now, they’ve got some special attacking personalities that are tough to keep under wraps. So, when you get into individual battles with them and you can’t defend them and you can’t defend them as a unit, and you get isolations, it’s a lot for one player to handle. And that’s really what the two goals were about. We’ve defended all your as a team and we try not to get in those situations where we are isolated, but good attacking teams find a way and good attacking players sometimes, when they get those chances, they make you pay.