West Virgina

NCAA Blacksburg Regional Second Round
November 22, 2013
West Virginia at Virginia Tech
Postgame Comments

West Virginia coach Nikki Izzo-Brown on game plan against Virginia Tech
We just wanted to try to disrupt Virginia Tech the best we could. I had a lot of respect for them coming in and we thought just compressing in different areas might be able to throw them off a little bit. We definitely tried to compact the defense in different areas.

Freshman Kadeisha Buchanan on the team’s defensive strategy
As a backline we had to recognize if they were going to go long so we could get early positioning because they have really fast strikers. So, we just tried to get in position early enough and I thought we did that throughout the game until they started running on us and we needed to get goal side and things just got bad from there.

What can you take from this year into next year?
One of the things I addressed with the team after the game is that we accomplished so much, but it’s more about what we’ve overcome this season to accomplish the championships and to get to this round of the NCAA tournament. So, the character of players and who’ve stepped up in the leadership is something that we are going to build off of and go forward with. But this team has dealt with a lot, not just with injuries, but with other things. So, I’m pretty proud of this team. I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and this team will go down in the record books especially in my heart especially for some resilient play.