Santa Clara

NCAA Blacksburg Regional Third Round
November 24, 2013
Santa Clara at Virginia Tech
Postgame Comments

Opening remarks from Santa Clara coach Jerry Smith
I’m very, very proud of my team today; I thought we played very well. It’s actually one of the best games all year we’ve played. We’ve played a lot of great games this year, so, I’m very proud of my team. We felt like the tactics were right and we played well. Sometimes, the score doesn’t always indicate how well you played and today might be one of the examples of that statement. Having said that, you have to give a lot of credit to Virginia Tech. I thought their goalkeeper played especially well. And in our sport, if you’re up against a hot goalkeeper, that one person can be the difference and that might have been the difference today. She made several key saves during the game and to save as many penalty kicks as she did today, I guess she would be the game MVP today. Credit to Virginia Tech, they are a good team, but mostly, I’m very proud of my team and the effort that we gave out there today. I felt like we were on our front foot all day and we had some really good chances to win the game thwarted by their goalkeeper.

Did you sense any frustration from your players because of Tech’s goalie?
No, I didn’t see any frustration there. I think even in the first overtime we had two or three shots to win the game right in front of their goal and their goalkeeper made some good saves. I think one of the keys in scoring is to stay patient and get quality shots and I think we did that today. But again, credit to their defenders and goalkeeper, they did enough to block shots as they were going on to the goal and especially their goalkeeper. So, I didn’t sense any frustration, but obviously we are very disappointed now, but I don’t think the team got frustrated at any point. We kept battling.

What, if any, did the weather do to your team?
I don’t think the conditions impacted us today. Again, I feel like we played one of the best games that we’ve played all year. I don’t know how many times Virginia Tech’s been outshot like they were today, probably not too many times I would guess. When you’re a No. 1 seed, you do a lot of things right. In terms of performance, I’m not looking back on anything and saying we didn’t do anything well enough. So, I would say that everything was fine for us today, because the performance was very, very good. Obviously, we would have been happier if we’d have gotten that second goal at some point in the second half, or particularly in that first overtime because we had some very good looks at the goal, but again a credit to their goalkeeper.

Santa Clara senior Morgan Marlborough on her team scoring a goal to tie the game at 1-1
We’ve been in that situation a lot this year, so I think that going down we didn’t get frustrated and we just had that belief in ourselves because we did it so many times before and we can do it again. Again, Sofia Huerta was clutch for us and came through and scored a goal, we just had trust in each other.

… on the team’s thoughts heading into overtime
We had a lot of shots and a lot of opportunities on goal, but the goalkeeper just made some great saves. I think we were a little unlucky with that, but I personally, just had the belief that it was coming, that we were going to get one, but unfortunately we didn’t.