Virginia Tech

NCAA Blacksburg Regional Quarterfinal
November 29, 2013
Duke at Virginia Tech
Postgame Comments

Opening remarks from Virginia Tech coach Chugger Adair
Well, I’m extremely pleased with the result tonight. I think the girls really worked hard. As a whole, it was a very good game. I think we started slow. We were really slow out of the gate. Duke had a lot of initial momentum and pressure. They hit the post, three corner kids that put us under pressure a little bit. We were able to kind of gain possession and the tide of the game and the momentum. Scoring a goal right before half was key as well. (Katie) Yenson’s goal right before half put us into a different mood going into the locker room. It was a tremendous goal for us at a very key time. My hat goes off to the girls and the team. They did a great job tonight. I think the second goal was a tremendous passing play, from the backline to the midfield, to change the point of attack and into goal. So, I’m real pleased with the soccer that was played tonight.

… on how the team was able to defend today
I think the girls did a good job in front of Dayle (Colpitts) as far as keeping Duke out of a rhythm. They are a very good team. This was like an ACC match and this game could have gone either way. Duke is a very resilient team and is much better than their record. They have some very good attacking personalities and Dayle made a number of good saves and held a couple there at the end. We were up 2-nil and those balls go against us, then we are going to be in a little more of a difficult spot. But Dayle made a number of good saves and the defense in front of her did a good job as well.

Goalkeeper Dayle Colpitts on making the Final Four as a senior
It’s amazing and to be able to get four more wins on our home field before. That was my last game at Tech and I couldn’t be any more thrilled with it. I’m looking forward to Cary.

… on what winning this game and making it to the Final Four means to the program
I think it means we are extremely tough this year. It’s not easy for anyone to make it through all these rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Playing tough teams, playing good teams, but we kind of grinded through. In the end, I think we were prepared and we’re where we want to be right now 100 percent. Playing in Cary, that’s where we were trying to get back to after the ACC Tournament.

Junior Katie Yenson on her game-winning goal
Well, it was a beautiful ball from Morgan (Conklin), so it basically just hit my head. But, I think it was key for momentum as Chugger said going into halftime. There was a huge momentum switch and we were able to come out hard and play our game in the second half and put the pressure on them.

… on what enabled the team to get that goal just before the half
I think we just did a really good job of possessing the ball thorugh the midfield on that play. It was off and on in the first half, but I think we had some good moments and that was one of them where we were able to get the ball wide and serve the ball in.