March 3, 2013
Finally arrived in Spain!
Ashley Meier U-20 Blog

Please bear with me Hokie fans since this is my very first blog ever!

So, we have arrived in Spain after a long excursion!

On March 1st at 8:00 a.m. Kelly Conheeney picked me up behind the football practice field and we were off to the Roanoke airport. I arrived at 9:00 a.m. and the next thing I knew I was on my way Chicago. I arrived at the Chicago O’Hare Airport and had to get my bags at baggage claim, hop onto the tran and switch to the international terminal. There, I ran into a bunch of my other teammates who I was very excited to see. After checking in we were off to security and of course, the line was extremely long.

After we all got through, we stopped for a bite to eat at the airport’s macaroni grill. Thirteen of us had a delicious meal then headed to our gate. After boarding the Iberian flight, I found my seat next to my teammate Summer Green when I noticed how large the flight was. There were two seats on one side, five seats in the middle, and two seats on the other side; with about 8 restrooms.

During our eight hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean we received two meals. One was beef, rice, green beans, bread, mini shrimp, and a little square dessert. The second one was breakfast about an hour before we landed and it consisted of a croissant, fruit, and a little cranberry muffin. They only played one movie, Hitchcock, but most of us were asleep during it. We arrived in the Madrid airport around 8:45 a.m. which is really 2:45 our time.

The airport ceiling was very retro looking and all the walls surrounding us seemed to be glass, while the sun was shining through. We went to the international check point, where we got our passports stamped, went through their security and then proceeded to our gate at K64. We had about an hour before we had to board so we were allowed to go out in groups and explore on our own.

A few girls and I found all the really expensive name brand stores intriguing and went in all them to smell the different types of perfumes. When I mention big name brands, I’m talking about the very expensive: Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Giorgio Armani, etc. After smelling probably close to 100 scents and getting headaches we left those stores and went to sit at our gate. Close to our gate there was a yogurt place that looked absolutely delicious after our long travels, but it was quite expensive and the money transfer from dollars to euros is a bit difficult to understand so we had to pass on that. I am now blogging from our second flight to Murcia which is a short one, only about one hour.

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