March 11, 2013
Lesson learned
Ashley Meier U-20 Blog

Saturday was GAME DAY again! We had our second match against Germany at noon. The first half was pretty rough. I don’t think we were expecting such a great difference between the Norwegian speed of play and the German style. With a few technical break downs we were down 2-0 before we even knew it. One of our defenders went down with a knee injury, so she was out for the rest of the game. About 40 minutes into the first half another one of our defenders fouled a German in the box while she was on a break way and got issued a red card. So, since it was a red card, we had to play down a man for the rest of the game and they received a penalty kick and they scored - we were down 3-0 at half. To say the least, Germany out played us in the first.

The second half got better for us though. We were able to find more of a rhythm and found feet more often. We did not end up scoring, but we developed more chances than we had in the first and didn’t give up to many chances.

At the end of the game our coach brought us together after our cool down and stretch. She basically looked at the positives from this game and said, “once again we have learned yet another lesson from this game.”

What we have to realize is that that this one game doesn't define our team and we have a long way to go before the World Cup next year. We can use this as a tool to grow and progress so that we can be the best that we can be!

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